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Sales Closers - A different breed

"Closers are a different breed of salesmen. They don't believe in looking busy, they don't cheat themselves with excuses, they only chase and achieve results, massive results."
- Mohnish Nair, Business Growth Coach & Sales Trainer, Founder - Maple Dreams Business Coaching

I have been in the sales and marketing field for over 14 years now with more than 12 years direct experience in sales and business coaching where I have trained, coached and consulted thousands of sales professionals and hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to take their sales performance to the next level with consistent efforts and by continuously breaking barriers. Here are a few important traits of closers as opposed to sellers ...

Laser Focussed

Sellers are people with "activity" as a focus whereas closers are people with "results" as a single point focus. Sellers move around in the market without a clear cut target and all their activities are usually unplanned. Closers train themselves to be optimistic and possibility thinkers and that makes them more attuned towards final outcome achievement.

More often than not sellers are busy in failing to impress others with their efforts and "hardwork". They work hard to LOOK busy whereas closers define their target, build an action plan and prepare around their target prospects needs and then execute with precision and single minded focus to get an order.

Opportunity Creators

Closers are opportunity creators whereas sellers are opportunity losers.

A closer will go out of his/her way to hunt for new prospects, markets, references, new segments, products, offerings to ensure growing revenue and short, mid and long range sales pipeline of prospects. Whereas sellers will waste even the opportunities that fall in their lap due to lackadaisical attitude, reactive follow ups and unprepared sales conversations.

Master Communicators

Closers believe in the power of communication. Their communication skills and ability to build rapport and convince people using verbal and non verbal skills are their biggest weapons.

Closers are people friendly and treat others as a connecting dot towards their goals. They know that humans remember how someone made them feel rather than what they said and they use this angle of emotional trust building and affinity rather effectively to close their deals. Their use of positive eye contact, body language and firm but pleasing communication makes them desirable to work with. They proactively ask for the cheque and do not wait for the client to wake up and close.

Proactive Preparation

Closers don't take their customers or opportunities for granted.

They treat every lead big or small, short term or long term with high enthusiasm to close and prepare well for probable customer meetings, attitudes and objections. They train themselves hard, start their day with a good motivational video, end their day by reading powerpacked sales related books or blogs. They continuously sharpen their saw by undergoing regular and consistent training programs to learn more about buyer psychology and methods to handle them. They don't wait for situations to dictate their actions instead they dictate their situations by taking proactive action.

No Excuse attitude

Sellers blame everybody else but themselves for their non performance. They do not look within. They do not introspect. They do not improve.

Closers work on their skills, knowledge and most importantly their attitude. They do not believe in giving excuses but look within themselves to bring about correction in their own thinking, communication and action. If something is not yielding results then they start learning new things, take advice from others with an open mind and then ACT on the new learning with undying sincerity and passion.

Hunting and Farming

Closers know how and when to use their aggression. They are not rigid in their approach but flexible in their techniques.

They know when to shut up and when to speak. When to attack and when to lie low. When to close and when to listen. They master the art of timing in a meeting to let the prospect feel comfortable They probe for information about prospect concerns and they patiently handle objections like a farmer waits for his trees to bear fruits.
They are not in a hurry to end the sales transaction but to build a lifelong profitable relationship.
And hence they not only go for the jugular in a sales situation but also sow the seeds for lifelong supply of opportunities.

So lets decide to stop giving excuses and spoil our chances of achieving massive results by being mere spectators. Let us act like winners and build an abundant mindset with result oriented activity and a closer mentality

Make Things Happen!!

Article written by Mohnish Nair

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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Ronald Reagan

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
Ronald Reagan

#motivation #skillindia #startupindia #action #doer #dreamer #sales #believe #dreams #goals #business #coach #entrepreneurship #training #doitnow #makethingshappen #mohnishspeaks