Friday, September 27, 2013

Success is highly overrated

Success is highly overrated

Success is highly overrated!

There is nothing called as success. Whenever I am thrown in a position to understand success, I miserably fail to define it. It has eluded me more often than normal and whenever I get a chance to taste it here and there in my small little ways, I feel success is highly overrated. Okay, you achieve something, you feel delighted and ecstatic, but that’s about it. How long can you be happy about any achievement? Don’t stop at any success! 

Wouldn't dwelling upon that ecstasy for long expose you to the chance of becoming lethargic or complacent? Maybe the thought that “You have arrived” may simply suppress the infinite possibilities that you could have become. Simply because you feel that you have achieved all that there is to achieve, you deny yourself the opportunity of achieving all that you haven't even imagined. 

For me, Pursuit of success is more interesting than being a success. You have to go find the next one, or else you become the next “Once upon a time” story! So stop following success. Start following progress. Growth is in progress. You cannot cherish success without having tasted failure. You have to gift yourself the pain and anguish of little failures to value and respect the happiness of success. So keep doing new things, bigger things, scary things and things that push you beyond your comfort zone. Because success is in progress!

All the best