Friday, September 13, 2013

Rise above your circumstances

Rise above your circumstances
By Mohnish Nair

Have you been in that phase of life where everything around you seems so wrong? Many times, in the rush of life we tend to lose track of our progress and end up where we never imagined ourselves to be. The early years start with a lot of zest, dreams and goals and as we pursue our dreams we may sometimes get carried away and fail to notice the direction of our progress. A deviation of a few inches from our chosen path may lead us miles away from our destination. I feel many of us today have somewhere lost the way in pursuit of the goals. Ambition is a double edged sword, it can make us if we channelize it with discipline and it can break us if we allow it to go to our heads. Many have lost the enthusiasm and cheerfulness they once possessed. Many have become cynical about themselves and the world around them and there are many who have given up.

If you feel that your life looks like one train wreck and you feel lost and sad about yourself and the way your life has turned out to be, breathe, there is hope. Don’t become all judgmental about the way you conducted your life. Life isn’t over yet. Your story isn’t over until you breathe your last and it takes just one moment to change your life upside down, trust me, I have experienced this time and again. Every time I feel that I have screwed up and there is no hope, I go back to my dreams, I revisit my old self, I analyze the reason why I am where I am and then I thank god for giving me the power to introspect. Self introspection is a privilege and a blessing. There are many who find themselves ill-equipped to do so.  People like to be in a place where they see others and circumstances as the cause of all the tribulations in their life. They readily blame their friends, family, outsiders for their situation and this is a self defeating tendency. Nobody but you has the control over your life and if you have allowed others to control your life, it’s your fault, stop blaming them. Take charge and decide to change things for the betterment. You must stop whining, complaining, comparing and envying those around you. I strongly believe that each one of us is sent on this planet in the form of a human for some specific reason. We are here for a cause; we must utilize this limited time with complete enthusiasm, honesty, gratitude and perseverance. I have a philosophy where I believe we are born as humans after thousands of births as reptiles, crawling creatures and pests. For having overcome a multitude of troubles, god gives us the gift of being born as human as a souvenir for our hard work. We must cherish and value this gift and make the best use of whatever it is that is left of it.

You can get back on track by doing the following things.

  1. Find out where you went wrong and become aware of it. Remember to engrain “your” mistakes into your mind so that the next time you tend to do it, you become alert before hand.
  2. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. You must first unburden yourself of the guilt of not doing what you were supposed to do. Emptying your soul makes way for fresh exuberance.
  3. Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude has magnetic powers that can heal and attract. It can help you become aware about your strengths and also attract opportunities from the available resources.
  4. Write down fresh goals with deadlines. Things that you must achieve before you die. Break it down into short term – 1 to 3 years, mid term – 5 years and long term – 10 plus years.
  5. Make a detailed action plan to achieve those goals. Take one goal at a time. Don’t make your action plan too overwhelming and demanding. Neither should you make it so easy that it doesn’t disrupt your comfort zone. You must be motivated to follow the action plan at the same time; it must also take cognizance of your weaknesses.
  6. Take help of people who can help you stick to your plans. Take help of those who can help you achieve your goals faster. Don’t try to be the lone ranger.
  7. Visually surround yourself with your goals and written action plan in the form of motivational charts, vision boards, mobile-computer wall papers, self affirmations, and meditation cum workouts that can help you stay focused and remind you throughout the day.
  8. STICK TO YOUR GOALS NO MATTER WHAT! Stay disciplined – it’s the most difficult part, but consistency is the key to grand success. A consistently flowing stream has the power to erode a mountain.
  9. The key to achieving goals is to mix consistent action with unidirectional focus. For this you must train your mind and body on a daily basis to remain enthused. You must take time everyday to plan, meditate and reprogram your mind to overcome negative thoughts and incidents.
  10. Introspect and keep upgrading yourself. Keep learning new things that will help you achieve your goals faster. Be ready to make course corrections if needed and above all stay cheerful irrespective of the circumstances.

Remember, as much as we have the right to dream, we also have the responsibility to fulfill and achieve those dreams, irrespective of the hurdles, challenges and problems. The pursuit of dreams isn’t easy, no one said it would be, but it is those who succumb to their weaknesses and fall prey to self-pity that bring shame to the humankind. Rise and let your inner strengths shine through the darkness of pain and anguish. Let your dreams light up your life and inspire many others to chase their dreams. Become an icon of victory and not a victim of self defeat. 

Best wishes