Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fake it till you Make it! By Mohnish Nair

Fake it till you Make it!
By Mohnish Nair

As I sit down to share some thoughts with you today, I am blank. I don’t know where to start from? What should I write about? Should I write something that is inspiring or at least attempt to be inspiring? Or should I share about how I feel today about a particular subject? Or maybe I should just not write at all. Well as these questions keep playing around in my mind, I suddenly realize, who do I think I am? I am no trained or qualified writer. I definitely am no fool to think I have any command over writing my thoughts articulately. Why do I even think I can write? My grammar is all wrong and I find it utterly difficult to frame sentences and think about suitable words. Why am I unleashing this mercilessly jumbled bunch of alphabets on my poor dear bloggers?

As I continue to stare at the blank screen, slowly my nervousness subsides and my self deprecating original self starts withdrawing its tight grip of hands from the throat of my “Wannabe Motivator” alter ego. This change in my thought process happens because I am now reminded of what I read somewhere once i.e. “You have to fake it till you make it.” I know it sounds a bit cheap, but if you really give it a thought, it really makes sense. We all have been faking it until we make it. Remember the first few words you uttered as a toddler. Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember.  Haha… However, my mum would always say that the first words that I ever uttered were “daddydaddydaddy…”or something like that. How do we as kids learn to speak? We listen to the sounds around us and then imitate the sounds till we start making sense out of them. That’s how we learnt to walk, to run, to write, to play. We have always been faking it first before making it. And so this self created theory pacifies my fear of writing and I now start punching the keys on my keyboard. Thoughts flow down from my brain into my hands and finally through my fingers onto the keyboard. I want to express myself and that is why I write. I write not to prove to anyone about my writing skills but just to express my point of view on a medium that has a far greater reach compared to anything that is physically possible.

Lets assume that my argument about human learning is correct as mentioned above, then I am now encouraged to believe that we can apply the same principle in our development as well. Since learning and development go hand in hand, I assume that if I start to imitate the most successful person in my field and do things that he or she is doing, slowly but steadily I may start developing the traits that the person possesses. This may eventually lead me to becoming what I desire to become. So if I want to be the most knowledgeable consultant in my field, I must just start imitating what the most knowledgeable person in my field is currently doing. If I want to be a painter I must start doing what the most successful painter that I admire does. Isn’t this a great way to reach to the top? Now critics would argue that this robs you of your individuality and uniqueness. If you imitate a person, you lose yourself. And I must say that is a valid point. But what if I imitate their actions and add something of my own to the delivery of the final act. So if I am an aspiring singer, I must follow the daily routines, the practice methods and the lifestyle habits of the most successful singer and improve my capability, but when it comes to performing I must sing in my own style. Now wouldn’t that be a fair way to get successful? So what I am actually doing is imitating the behavior that goes into making a great singer but not the style of a successful singer. This way I avoid myself from becoming a clone.

The same principle can be applied to our moods and emotions. If you are really sad and depressed, how would your body language be? You may walk looking down at the floor. If you are sitting, your shoulders would be droopy, your jaws would be hanging and your entire posture would be laidback. Your face would look all gloomy and grumpy. Now how do you change your state of mind to becoming happy? Well many would say, think positive thoughts. I have tried this, and I am sure you would agree with me, that when you are depressed, thinking positive thoughts is the last thing that you are capable of doing. So that option is null and void. I have a reverse idea. Now that you are sad and you are deep in your thoughts about how miserable your life is, I want you to just change your body language. Yes, all I want you to do when you are sad is, SMILE! Okay do it now…SMILE!! Now that you are faking a smile, hold the smiling posture of your lips and think about negative thoughts. You cant, can you? Well that is the magic of faking it until making it. The moment you smile, even if you are faking it, you cannot think negatively and your mood is uplifted. So the reverse works here. You have to control your actions to change your thoughts. Simple!

Now as I come to the end of this post, see how much I have written. Haven’t I really faked it till I have made it? I wrote an entire article by just pretending to be a writer..ha ha…!

So the next time you want to achieve something in life, or in your career, or if you simply want to feel happy and excited, I give you this secret, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!! A better way of doing it is believe in whatever you think you are faking. So when I think that I can be the most successful motivational speaker and writer in this world, I have to first follow the activities that the most successful motivational speakers and writers do and most importantly I should start believing that it will work. I must invest faith in my thoughts and desires. And that’s because if I don’t fake it with conviction, I will never make it! So a better way of achieving things is FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! You have to develop faith in what you desire to become, you have to develop faith in your capabilities and you have to develop faith that all will be well as per your desire!

All the best! :-)