Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happiness and things like that… By Mohnish Nair

Happiness and things like that…
By Mohnish Nair

Happiness is a choice. Stop searching for it outside. Those who blame others will never find happiness. Stop expecting others to make you happy. You will not necessarily be happy if others make you happy. You will not necessarily be happy if others are happy. You will be happy only when you want to be happy. Yes! you must WANT to be happy. The people around you will only care about your unhappiness to a point. It is not necessary that everyone around you will be happy just because you are happy. You walk alone. Accept that you will always walk alone. There is nothing wrong in walking alone or being alone. If others join you, be happy, if they don’t, be happier.

Detachment is the secret to happiness. Stop being obsessed about people, material things and events. Things will happen when they have to happen whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not. Your desires won’t come true just by believing, they will come true by doing. Sometimes even doing does not guarantee that things will come true. Your choices decide your circumstance but your circumstance need not decide your choices. A man living in miserable conditions can make a choice to become the richest man in the world. A rich man cannot change the circumstance of a poor man if the poor man does not want his circumstance to be changed. You can only do something for others, but you need not necessarily make a change in their life unless they accept your offer to make a change. The goal of life is happiness however, happiness comes to those who decide to be happy where they are, how they are. When you expect others to please you, you will get disappointed. Disappointment leads to unhappiness. The source being you placed your faith in others to make you happy. They may not deliberately do something to make you unhappy; however, their action to create self-happiness could become a reason for your unhappiness. Each one of us has the right to make oneself happy. Don’t be upset with people who do things that upset you. They did it because they wanted to be happy. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be happy. Understand their point of view and be happy that they are happy.

Happiness lies in forgiving and detachment. That’s the ultimate secret. It lies in not expecting and it lies in doing things without any assumptions about the outcome. You need not search for reasons to be happy. You need not search for reasons to be unhappy. You only need to breathe in the moment and find happiness in the rhythm of your breath. Your breath is the gift from the almighty. It is the gift of nature. It is the rhythm of comic energies and it is in sync with all that is alive and moving. The rhythm in your breath is the same rhythm that runs in a stream, which moves in the wind, that vibrates in the mountains. The rhythm of your breath is part of what makes the earth go round and the moon move around us. The waves in the ocean carry the same frequency that your heartbeat carries. All you need to do is believe that you are one with nature and that you are in sync with all things natural. When you do this, you will find yourself rich, you will find yourself in oneness with the divine and you will find yourself happy. It doesn't take wealth to be happy but it takes happiness to create wealth. Sing your tune. Walk your path. Dance like a bird and you will see that all that you are is reason enough to be the happiest soul in this universe. Feel your breath, find your happiness.

- Mohnish