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52 Success Habits to Achieve Anything You Want! Written by Mohnish Nair

52 Success Habits to Achieve Anything You Want!
Written by Mohnish Nair

Here are a list of 52 Habits that each of us can develop to create the life of abundance, prosperity, contribution and achievements. Follow one habit for one week. This way in 52 weeks, you will be developing 52 New habits. Just imagine the impact you will create on people around you.

Habit #1     Be grateful for what you have

Habit #2     Live in the present, enjoy every moment

Habit #3     Don’t find reasons to complain

Habit #4     Value your relationships, friends and supporters

Habit #5     See and appreciate the good things in people

Habit #6     Develop a strong purpose to live by

Habit #7     Get up to achieve something life transforming every morning

Habit #8     Eat healthy, sleep enough, Walk 1 hour daily

Habit #9     Hug your loved ones without a reason and tell them why you love them

Habit #10   Look for opportunities to help or appreciate people

Habit #11   Find reasons to do something extraordinary each day

Habit #12   Take a massive project that scares you the most

Habit #13   Stop whining about how bad the world is

Habit #14   Become obsessive about keeping your word

Habit #15   Finish what you start

Habit #16   Display excellence in everything that you do or say

Habit #17   Do something for yourself everyday. Paint. Read. Run.

Habit #18   Respect time, effort, money (Yours and especially of others around you)

Habit #19   Meet someone of genius level and make them your friend

Habit #20   Find reasons to display leadership

Habit #21   Learn something new, introspect, Read, get coached

Habit #22   Stand for a cause

Habit #23   Help a few underdogs succeed

Habit #24   Find ways to save time and energy in all that you do

Habit #25   Focus on revenue generating activities

Habit #26   Stop blaming circumstances for your problems

Habit #27   Substitute an addiction with one good hobby

Habit #28   Coach others to achieve excellence in what they do

Habit #29   Find out your shortcomings and find a coach to help you overcome them

Habit #30   Always look at the larger picture and focus on long term gains

Habit #31   Work with only those whom you respect, like and trust

Habit #32   Mend sour relationships

Habit #33   Be bold enough to say “Sorry”

Habit #34   Don’t complain, criticize or condemn

Habit #35   Don’t bully people or force others to accept your opinion

Habit #36   Believe in the supreme force that holds everything together

Habit #37   Work your best as if you are being monitored by someone superior especially when no one is around

Habit #38   Dress well. Smell great. Be cheerful.

Habit #39   Forget and Forgive negative incidents, people as soon as possible

Habit #40   Believe you are born to build and achieve something unique and big

Habit #41   Think everyday as a gift given to you to fulfill your dreams

Habit #42   Speak only positive words. Your words create your world

Habit #43   Never conspire against, gossip about or cheat anyone

Habit #44   Be happy not jealous about the progress of the people you know

Habit #45   Develop the strongest power in the world. Will Power!

Habit #46   Travel the world and write stories about your experiences for your kids

Habit #47   Be the first one to applaud and the last one to complain

Habit #48   Make your achievements continuously bigger than your rewards

Habit #49   Work not just to earn money but to create a legacy

Habit #50   Give back to the world and sow the seeds of love and contribution

Habit #51   Don’t worry for small petty issues

Habit #52   Be in control of your thoughts, communication and action and believe you are responsible for all that happens in your life. You are the creator of your destiny!

This article is written by Mohnish Nair. Mohnish is a business coach specialized in small and medium size enterprise coaching in India. A young, dynamic motivational speaker, creative designer and a strategic coach, Mohnish has helped hundreds of business owners transform their world creatively. That’s Mohnish’s motto in life, to transform the world creatively. Contact Mohnish by visiting his blogsite – www.mapledreamsindia.com or write to him at mapledreams22@yahoo.com

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