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5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs - By Mohnish Nair

5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs
By Mohnish Nair

5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Have you noticed how some entrepreneurs are consistently and continuously growing while many struggle to make ends meet?

What separates the men from the boys? Why is it that some businessmen even in times of recession are successful in achieving their goals and their dreams?

I feel the following 5 qualities make the real difference. Let’s have a look at them.

1.        Mind Control:

Yes, it all starts with the mind, doesn’t it? Our mind is the source of all the marvels that exist in the world. The manifestation of dreams into reality occurs when we put our mind into our desires. Those who learn to meditate and gain control over the mind are able to accomplish anything the way they want. They are not deterred by the obstacles that come their way. They are not distracted by the negativity that flows around them. They don’t give up when faced with failure or loss. Successful people simply believe. They believe in themselves, believe in their dreams and they never stop trying. That’s the major reason why some succeed. So, learn to gain control over your mind to think only those thoughts and do only those things that are in favor of your goal accomplishment.

2. Focus on Strengths

Entrepreneurs who lead always follow their strengths and work on making them even better. While many talk about working on your weaknesses, it is a longer route to identify your weaknesses and develop them. And even if you do succeed in working on your weaknesses, you would only reach competence levels. Instead, why not focus on excellence by working on your strengths. You could probably hire someone who is good at what you are weak at. This way you do what you are good at and enjoy while you are working on it. Successful entrepreneurs build their businesses around their strengths.

3. Clear cut goals

Progressive Entrepreneurs know what they want. They know exactly when they want it and they are constantly working on how to get what they desire. No amount of “Lucrative business offers” or “Easy money” Opportunities are successful in distracting them from their path to success. Intelligent entrepreneurs know one thing for sure that EVERY BUSINESS IS A GROWTH BUSINESS. They know if they toil hard and stick to their business idea, they will surely hit the jackpot one day. They have clear cut written goals and vision boards that act as their guiding light providing the necessary direction, motivation and confidence time and again.

4. Relentless Pursuit

Successful Entrepreneurs are obsessed about their goals. They don’t care about the obstacles that come their way. The thought of achieving the goal and reaching the destination is enough for them to keep the fight on. Bankruptcy, debt, market downfall, humiliation, personal loss, health problems nothing comes their way. They know only one thing and that is to relentlessly pursue their goals until they achieve it. Relentless pursuit combined with the everyday discipline of a marine commando is a lethal combination that never fails to take you where you want to go.

5.   Continuous learning

Those who find themselves in trouble in business or life in general are those who do not know how to handle a difficult situation. They rely on their knowledge and “vast” Experience to tackle their problems but often find it difficult to comprehend what’s happening in their lives. This happens because they do not feed their minds with new knowledge, they do not try and learn new concepts and mostly they do not expose themselves to unknown territories of learning. Successful entrepreneurs learn new ways of handling issues. They follow role models. They visit exhibitions, read books and attend training programs. They appoint a business coach to guide them and bring accountability into their lives. They are constantly in search of the next big idea. They are great observers and they find ways to implement new ideas into their lives. This continuous process of learning, unlearning & relearning keeps them fresh and ready to take on the world.

So next time you feel stuck in business or life in general, do check if you are focusing on all the above mentioned qualities in yourself.

This article is written by Mohnish Nair. Mohnish is a business coach specialized in small and medium size enterprise coaching in India. A young, dynamic motivational speaker, creative designer and a strategic coach, Mohnish has helped hundreds of business owners transform their world creatively. That’s Mohnish’s motto in life, to transform the world creatively. Contact Mohnish by visiting his blogsite – or write to him at