Monday, September 24, 2012


Success Secret: Breathe Your Way To Business Growth

Success Secret: Breathe Your Way To Business Growth 

 In the process of growing a business, there are two basic phases that alternate rhythmically, like in and out breathing.
One phase involves action, the other, reflecting-digesting-strategizing.
A common mistake made by business owners is to over-rely on action and to fearfully resist business down-time.
As business owners we want to be SO busy that we don't have time to breathe.
When we face down-time, we worry that we are not doing well enough, that our business is headed down, down, down.
We business owners tend to believe that our business needs to be in such high demand that it demands from us a constant go-go-go daily pattern, and that go-go-go needs to be at a "break-neck" pace.
If we have time for thinking, we're sinking. That's the common misconception about the pattern of business success.
But in life EVERYTHING goes up and down. Opposite cycles alternate rhythmically.
The reality is that just as you need to breathe in and out to stay alive, you need to alternate phases of outward action with inward reflection for your business to thrive.
Even more importantly, YOU cannot thrive, maybe even not stay alive, if you don't alternate between going out and going within. A "break neck" pace has its name for a good reason!
How we interpret what is happening to us largely determines the impact of what is happening to us.
If you interpret "having time to think" as an indication of a failing business, you cause your attitude to sink, and when that happens, your business is sure to follow.
Your time for reflecting-digesting-strategizing is NOT a time for worry, self-doubt, and defeatism. On the contrary, it may be time for you to recognize the underlying fears that have been driving you, so that you can let them go.
Fearful action is unsustainable, counter-productive and self-destructive. Fear is unhealthy for you.
A short burst of fearful adrenalin can save you from a wild animal because it can make you run faster or fight harder.
But if the fear is ongoing, you don't need the animal to kill you - a chronic, high-pitched state of anxiety can give you a heart attack!
The human body is designed for calm, confident action. Calm, confident action energizes the body in a healthy way. It even promotes healing, as long as the action is not overly strenuous.
The go-go-go work pattern needs to be replaced with a go-rest-go-rest rhythm to grow your business as profitably as possible.
You NEED down-time just as much as you need up-time to really enjoy your success and to be as effective as you can be.
The quieter, more private phases of reflecting-digesting-strategizing enable you to re-evaluate your objectives and your ways of reaching for them. They give you time to review and clarify your priorities to be sure that you are giving most of your attention to what truly matters the most. They give you time for reflecting upon your experiences to glean the life and business wisdom lessons they offer.
Reflecting means review and contemplation. Digesting mean analyzing what has occurred in order to derive meaning and direction from your experiences. Strategizing means reviewing your plans and considering new and better ways of achieving your goals.
Your business will probably let you know which phase your are in. When calls are coming in, when your time is in high demand, when opportunities open up for you to perform and produce at your highest level, it is time for action.
When things slow down and you find yourself with time and space to catch your breath, to think, your business is NOT failing - it is giving you the signal that it is time for reflective, INWARD action.
If you flip into anxious uncertainty when customers aren't calling or walking in your door, when your appointment book opens up, you are turning the inward phase of business-growth into a demoralizing spell of self-doubt.
You are then missing the point that these inward phases are essential. If you use them correctly they refresh and empower you for greater business growth to come.
To be successful in business we need to master both phases of our business life: the outer AND the inner, the active and the contemplative.
We need to act when it is time to act, and in that phase employ our skills, knowledge, energy and attitude at our highest capacity.
And we need to avoid worrying when we do NOT have TOO much to do to catch our breath.
We need instead to exercise the mental mastery to keep our minds focused on our goals and on developing innovative improvements in our ways of growing our business for a richer life.
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