Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sales Training: Are You Selling at Your Peak Level?

Sales Training: Are You Selling at Your Peak Level?
Sales training is priceless. If you've chosen a career in sales or are new to sales, sales training is a must. Like any sport or game, anyone can learn the rules. Those who wish to excel must practice. Strategies must be executed with care. Sales skills, demeanor, presentation, and word choices are all part of excellence. Desire and consistency are two huge assets for any sales person who wants to perform at a peak level.
Sales is a contact sport. While not physical, one-on-one contact is where deals are won or lost. If you're in commission sales, there's a lot to learn. After the basics, improvements can be made where needed. Measure your performance. Keep track of your closing ratio and your success rate will climb.
If you notice any part of the sales process causes you discomfort, address those parts asap. Do you feel confident? Are your efforts consistent? Do you make the calls you should? Do you sabotage your success by telling yourself this or that's 'impossible'? Is your self-talk supportive or do your internal messages drag you down?
If your performance is sidetracked by anxiety or discomfort, don't resist those messages. Sales should be fun, not a battle. The best sales training includes how to eliminate internal blocks at will. Acknowledge and honor any feelings interrupting your success and know there's help.
There's nothing wrong with you if you dislike certain parts of the sales process. The key is to find a way to complete tasks easily. Do you feel anxiety when it's time to cold call? Reason won't eliminate this feeling and those feelings can be overwhelming. An effective solution must be individualized to work where nothing has worked so far. A fear of calling people is a career killer. If you don't pretend everything's okay when it's not, you're on your way to the top.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a simple, tremendously powerful solution. Eradicate thoughts and feelings inhibiting you from performing at your highest level. EFT is self-administered. Tailor the process to address the issues you feel hurt your performance. I've seen EFT work miracles and millions of people all over the planet can testify to life altering results.
Great Sales Training empowers each rep with tools to enhance their performance, build confidence, and create as much success each sales pro can envision.
Do you fear success? Do you fear failure? Some don't feel they deserve to earn large amounts of money. If erroneous beliefs are buried deep in one's subconscious, those folks end up sabotaging their efforts to create a reality that reflects what they believe to be true about themselves.
We've all heard tales of movie star's and gifted athlete's self-destruction. Fabulously rich celebrities who don't feel deserving of their success can lose everything to soothe a self-concept that went haywire along the way. EFT is a solution that changes one's behavior by helping individuals release outdated, damaging emotional patterns.
Think of EFT as emotional acupuncture. EFT can be learned in under an hour with immediate results. The research behind EFT has proven that negative emotions we've accumulated over the years are held within our bodies and minds. Sometimes events from our past may have been forgotten because they seemed trivial.
There's an energy system within our body; much like the vascular system. When we tap specific 'acupoints', vibrations release unproductive ideas and emotions like shame, fear of success, feeling unworthy of success, and guilt. As we identify and release these blockages, we are relieved from their bondage.
We all know perpetually angry people. We know anger causes a rise in blood pressure. We know stress causes headaches, stomachaches, and anxiety. Thoughts and feelings create physical symptoms in our bodies. They interrupt sleep, our love life, and give us ulcers. As we acknowledge and release harmful thoughts and emotions with EFT, they disappear for good. If they resurface, repeat a treatment.
Sales training is priceless. The Internet provides innumerable resources. If your company does not provide sales training, take charge of your career and arm yourself with this most vital tool. Perform at your highest level. Earn the income you desire and deserve. EFT should be part of all sales training and will positively impact every facet of your performance. Let EFT be your secret weapon!
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