Monday, September 17, 2012

Ignore These 3 Things and Limit Your Life Success

Ignore These 3 Things and Limit Your Life Success
But you would never do that... would you?
Almost everyone wants more success in life. But we all have our own individual ideas about what that means. What does success mean for you? Do you measure it by financial terms; income, job title, fame, money the in bank, size of your house, or types of cars that you drive?
What about overall life success? How do you measure that? Is it based on life balance, overall health, relationship status, or happiness levels? That too is a very personal thing.
Whitney Houston had incredible success. She was one of the best in her field. She had the money, and fame, and career success, and the big houses and nice cars. But she wasn't happy at all, and it ended badly.
This isn't a new story is it? We have seen it repeat itself over and over for celebrities who have the appearance of great success in their lives, but it hasn't brought them personal life success. Their life dissatisfaction has driven them to emotional challenges, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, and multiple divorces. Of course celebrities aren't the only ones failing at life success.
Here are the 3 Things That Limit Life Success
1.     Beliefs- What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about your relationship and those close to you? What do you believe about life? We all create rules around our beliefs. Are they serving you? If these beliefs and rules aren't serving you, then they need to be addressed.

2.     Fears- Is fear holding you back in some area of your life? Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of rejection, fear of change, and fears from the past all hold us back in some way. If you want more life success it's important that you address your fears. Do these fears prevent you from experiencing more happiness?

3.     Strategies- Are your strategies for success effective? You might be the most confident, fearless person in the world, but if you use a bad strategy in your business it can bankrupt you. You might have incredible financial success but not know how to create a loving, passionate relationship. If you use bad strategies in a marriage, divorce is typically the outcome. My simple view on strategies is that they are either effective in creating the results you want, or they are not. If they aren't effective it's time for some new strategies.
In my coaching practice, I often see extremely successful people experiencing limited happiness. They are busy and stressed out, caught up in the day to day routine without the ability to step back and honestly evaluate how their lives are working out. Ultimately they realize that they don't have all the answers and they seek outside guidance to correct the imbalances in their lives. I have found that by making changes in beliefs, addressing fears, and implementing new strategies that things can change relatively quickly.
If you are ready for some guidance on how you might create more life success send me an email Step back from your hectic, crazy schedule, and ask yourself if things in your life are working out the way that you really want them to. Are you settling for a life that is less than you deserve? If so...Why? Maybe it's time to take a look at your beliefs, fears and strategies.Are they serving you, or limiting your life success? What will it cost you in health and happiness 5 years from now if nothing changes?
Jeff Forte CSIC CME is an Executive Life Coach and founder of PEAK Results Coaching With 20 years of experience, he helps business professionals create more success and happiness in their personal lives, business and relationships. Email him for a complimentary consultation at