Saturday, September 15, 2012

5 Simple Strategies to Move in Your God-Given Purpose With Confidence

5 Simple Strategies to Move in Your God-Given Purpose With Confidence
I am sure that you have a great idea, invention, product, business idea that you know is your innate gift, purpose and talent. However, for multiple reasons, you are moving in that gift. Well, in order to move in your God-given purpose, you must possess a certain attitude that will plant your feet so strong that no storm of life can blow you over. You have to have a strength that cannot be bought nor borrowed. That attitude is called confidence. Many want it, but do not have it. Well today is your personal Independence Day to free yourself from the shackles:
Quit making your content and actions contingent on the opinions of others.People will always have an opinion about something, but it is vital that you remain confident yourself and in the material that God put on the inside of you. If you continue to allow the opinions of others to dominate your talent, then you will never propel into the place that you are destined to be.
Trust your talent. Never second guess your innate gift and passion. This was something that specifically designed and earmarked just for you. It was tailor-made (if I must say) to suit you. A lot of the time, when your critics speak, they base their opinions on their personal thoughts and opinions. However, just like a suit, dress, etc., it will never make sense to them because they can't fit it.
Never allow a challenge or challenges to take you out of your gift. Tests, trials, and challenges are apart of life, but it is imperative that you never give yourself permission to quit. Your trials are set up to bring the best out of you. Notice that some of the best books, content and films are birthed out of challenges. Your current issue is just a door to a new opportunity. Some of the best and most successful people endured tragedy and then made the greatest comeback known to man. So don't give up. Just push forward.
Surround yourself with like minds. This is one of the most imperative keys to success. Most of us have heard the saying, "You are the average of the five people that you associate with the most." I must say that this is so true. There is just something about the synergy that happens when great positive people come together. It pulls more creativity out of you. It propels you forward. It challenges you. It pulls you out of your comfort zone. It introduces you to a person that you have never seen before. I for one, love to be around those who are where I desire to be. Be it financially, internally, mentally, spiritually, or even health-wise. It makes me want better for myself. I suggest joining a mastermind group, finding a mentor or just simply finding friends who have what you desire and pour into them as well. Just make sure that you bring something great to the table because you receive more when you give more.
Commit to your gift. Purpose in your heart that you will do whatever it takes as long as it takes to reach the level that you need to be. Purpose in your heart that you will serve your audience. Purpose in your heart that you will be, do and have what is earmarked just for YOU!
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