Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Perfecting Your Target Customer

Perfecting Your Target Customer
It is time to create a target customer profile. For business to consumer marketing you will want to know male or female, age bracket, income bracket and location. For example, professional women 35 to 65 with income over $50,000 per year in the United States. For business to business marketing you'll need business size, years in business, approximate revenues and number of employees. For example, carpet stores in business for at least 5 years, grossing over $1 million per store with 5 employees per store.
Segment Marketing
These characteristics are called segments. The more segments you can identify, the more prospective customers you can go after. Take a few minutes and look at your current consumer customers. Do any of them fit a segment of age, gender, education, job, income or ethnicity? Do any of your business clients fit a segment on length in business, number of employees, number of homes built or units sold?
If your product is targeted towards a preteen boy in India, you do not want to try marketing it LandRover dealers in Boston. Think of who are the typical customers who use your products and services right now. Customizing your marketing efficiently towards your target segment gives you a better chance of reaching the right customer and making a sale. Narrowing down the characteristics of your audience lets you present an appealing message to people who are more likely to buy.
Intricate Marketing
Let's say you need a decision maker to sort through the benefits of your product or service before a final sale. For example, buying manufacturing equipment would involve financial analysis, depreciation analysis and other complicated processes. An independent third party sales agent might supply a separate opinion via comparison of your equipment over another manufacturer showcasing your customer service and previous satisfied clients. This third party opinion works to remove the cost/money/time objection from the prospective buyer and highlights the purchasing benefit for your equipment.
Before you start your next marketing activities take time to identify your new customers. Zeroing in on the buying decision makers is key. The more you know about the specific needs of your target audience the better you can shape the message you wish to convey. Innovative and effective marketing goes far beyond analyzing your prospects. It includes research, imaginative brand creation, a solid marketing plan and the discipline to follow through on marketing campaigns. Make targeting your customer foremost.
Lee Anne Wonnacott has been working at various jobs since her teen years. Her business acumen is focused on people starting up their own businesses and new businesses that are less than a year old. She has a 2003 Master's Degree from the University of Phoenix. With an extensive business career and an advanced degree, Lee Anne conducts a no-holds-barred approach to solving business problems. She lives, plays and causes trouble in Oceanside, California. http://www.leeannewonnacott.com