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Sales Training : Why it is always Needed

Sales Training : Why it is always Needed

(Orginal article title: Sales Training Companies: Why They Will Always Be In Demand)


Sales training companies, to a growing organisation are worth their weight in Gold. For any organisation to grow it needs to sell more of its 'Stuff 'to the target market it has identified.
The stuff we are refereeing to might be a product, service or even an idea. There are common skills that will deliver this to any customer however a good sales training company will be able to tailor this to the specific market and style of customer.
With buying cycles changing and the final purchase decision involving many individuals, a range of skills are often needed. The truth for many sales people is they can lose their effectiveness. This can be due to a number of factors. It might be lack of latest product knowledge on their product to fend off a product attack with a current customer. It might be the lack of penetrating questions delivered in such a way as that they identify what the customer actually wants and needs.
It can also be because of familiarity with the client. This can often happen in key account situations where the sales representative knows the customer well and their relationship changes. Don't believe the saying it is easy to sell to friends. It isn't for most sales people.
The real reason to use a sales training company on a regular basis is to up skill your sales team. No matter if you have one or a thousand everyone needs to constantly improve. A certain thought leader once said if you are not growing you are slipping backwards because everyone else will be putting their efforts here. That may or may not be the case in your industry and yet just look around.
The good to excellent sales professionals are always looking for ways to improve. That might be improving their selling skills to engage customers or learning how selling to groups can leverage all of their prospecting activities.
Top sales training companies are well aware of this and structure their training programmes accordingly.
In the current economy and the way we are developing as a race, human interaction and relationships are becoming key. The traditional tell sell style needs a face lift. Prospects now need to, know like and trust us before they buy anything from us. This is especially true when the unit price increases. A tin of tomatoes is a tin of tomatoes. However if someone is selling me a market research service that will cost five figures I will need to know more. A first step should always be to found out if your designated provide of sales training does. If a sales training company does not include this in their programme ask them why not?
Some key questions to ask?
1.     What selling skills model do you use
2.     Do you carry out a diagnostic evaluation
3.     What are the latest skills my sales team need
4.     How have you developed your approach in the last few years?

Nic Hallett is the MD of Excel Enterprise one Europe's most successful Sales Training Companies. To Find out more about the Excel Enterprise Outcome Selling System visit http://www.excelenterprise.co.uk