Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leadership - 10 Tips To Make Life A Bit Easier

Leadership - 10 Tips To Make Life A Bit Easier
It makes a lot of sense listen, even to little things. We've actually been told those almost all of our lives, but we didn't think we'd need them, until perhaps and sadly it's too late. These little nuggets of wits and wisdom have been kept in the recesses of our minds. The good thing is they're there when the time is right they'd come handy and they make life a little bit easier.
1.     Be wise with your money to promote your sense of security, self confidence and peace of mind. Distinguish between your needs and wants. A lot of times, what you desire is something you don't need. Think of the bigger picture instead of what you want at the moment.

2.     Get enough sleep. You need to be on top of whatever your game is and you can't do your best if you're not all charged up. You can't optimally function if you're always tired. It's tempting to watch your favorite TV show, but better click the off on the remote and tuck yourself in early.

3.     Don't let money destroy your relationships. If someone close to you, a relative or friend, needs money, give it as a gift, not a loan. An unpaid loan can break your relationship. You can give 10% of the amount requested and let your friend/ relative find the rest.

4.     Personally write thank you notes, by hand. Doing so makes your gratitude more meaningful and it shows your sincere appreciation.

5.     Share compassion and kindness. Converse with a stranger in a rest home or visit a hospital and do volunteer work. Spend time with children by reading to them. You will feel better and relieve your own stress.

6.     Be sensitive when somebody suffers the loss of a pet. Don't just say "It was just an animal" because pet lovers bond with their pets like they're their children.

7.     Look at the positive side. When you look back on your life, think of the good times instead of those that you missed. Think that your life has been wonderfully abundant because of your love and appreciation for life.

8.     Slow down sometimes, and travel light. You often don't have to pack as much on your vacation. Spend more time doing things and going places and you'll see a whole lot more.

9.     Read an old book that you really liked. It's like reconnecting with a special friend from the past. You'll bring back good memories and feelings when you've first read it.

10.   Have a special time for yourself. Pamper yourself with a vacation or spend the day at the spa. Love, appreciate and celebrate you and enjoy your time with every ounce of your energy.
The world offers vast opportunities for a joyful and meaningful existence if you take time and know how to listen and look.
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