Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me
Could you fly as a child? I did! The world was at my feet and I believed that anything was possible. The truth of who we truly are was not clouded yet. Life was ONE big magical adventure.
Through the eyes of my child self, our grandparents' house was like a temple that stood on a majestic hill. To me, their house was the most romantic place I'd ever been. The roof was made of straw, the windows and terrace doors were always open, and delightful sound waves of classical music and scents of home-baked bread awoke my spirit upon arrival. The atmosphere felt full of being welcomed HOME.
Usually, we visited Opa and Oma (the Dutch names for grandpa and grandma) on weekends. As soon as our family of seven piled out of our big, old car in front of their house, we'd kick off our shoes and run barefoot into the yard.
Not once but numerous times, we'd we race down the hill. With my arms stretched wide, I felt I COULD literally fly. In that place, my free and fearless self was fully expressed, and-guess what?-"I am God" was not a concept of the mind but was felt in the depth of my Soul.
Years later, when curiosity took me back to the Blinkenlaan (which means "the bright and shining lane of white light"), I discovered there was no hill there. Oma and Opa's house stood on only very slightly elevated land.
As an adult, my outlook on life had changed. However, I longed to be back, walking the "holy ground" again where I'd joyfully spent so much time in my childhood years moving in its heavenly spheres of unconditional self-love and infinite possibilities.
Part of me easily recalls those sacred moments of my childhood. Indeed, at that young age I still remembered who I really was.
The sky was NOT the limit, and I could stretch my wings and fly. Anything was possible.
And then life happens, we grow up, we create limiting beliefs, and we forget our truth.
It takes us a lifetime to get back to our magical child who can wave her/his magic wand and create, be, do, and have whatever we want.
Seven Ways to Stretch Your Wings and Fly:
* Believe in yourself; your wings are strong.
* Venture out of the safety zone. It's way more fun.
* Let the Universe lift you up and experience the art of effortlessness.
* Let the winds of destiny carry you toward your dream.
* Surrender to the currents of change; life always gives detours.
* Enjoy the flight even though you'll experience bumps, and make sure you're not going off course and keep heading to the land of your dreams.
* Soar above the mundane and give thanks; be happy and love your freedom to fly.
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