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Do You Make These Mistakes When Negotiating? Three Highly Effective Strategies Of Negotiation

Do You Make These Mistakes When Negotiating? Three Highly Effective Strategies Of Negotiation

ow to win a negotiation? In business you need to have an objective in mind before you start negotiating. State the Win-Win intention upfront and create a collaborate atmosphere from the beginning. Do you know the number one reason why people avoid negotiating? It's fear, the fear of looking bad.

There are a lot of myths about sales and negotiating. I guess the two biggest ones are:

· Negotiation is a talent that you're born with.

· To get what you want, you have to take away something.

If you watch children you will immediately notice that you face the best negotiators on the planet. How come we lose this 'talent' while growing up? Negotiation is a learnable skill. The more you practice it, the better you become.

Negotiating should always be Win-Win. A good deal is when everybody is happy. In business it's all abut relationships. Both parties have to win and be happy, otherwise you won't have a long-term relationship.

"Never take blood from a stone!"

If the person is not happy than go back to the deal and start all over again. Win-win or no deal!

Here are three highly effective strategies for negotiation:

1. Don't go first.

I'm sure you've heard of this one before, but guess what? It's one of the biggest mistakes sales people make. Don't go first in an offering situation because you never know the position of your counterpart. And more importantly - don't assume anything!

Here are 2 powerful questions you could ask:

· You do this a lot more than I do, so what would be a fair price in your opinion?

· What's the least you could live with and still be happy?

Remember, everything is in the tone. Now, what do you do if you deal with a real expert? Don't worry, this won't happen very often. And if it does occur and they don't want to go first, give them a good reason. But stick to this strategy and don't go first!

2. Be a juggler.

This is a great strategy to check upfront if you're dealing with a newbie or an expert. You will always know a newbie negotiator because they always talk about price. When negotiating you must use all the elements, not just price. Throw in factors like shipping, exclusivity, advertising, credit card terms, volume, logistics and distribution, other products and services just to name a few. Become a factor juggler.

3. Be prepared to walk away.

Now this is a tough one for many business people. The essence is not to get too attached even if you like the product or service very much. Here's an example of how to handle this situation with elegance: "I like your product very much but I will give you my email and phone number. Let me know if you do something on the offer maybe before I buy it somewhere else".

"You get what you negotiate. The rest is just conversation"

Most people negotiate harshly. But this doesn't work with reasonable people. Don't deal with people who are not fair. Deal with business people who are fair. Only negotiate with people who are pre-qualified.

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