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How to Restore Passion in Your Relationship?

How to Restore Passion in Your Relationship?

No passion in my relationship! How can I restore passion in my relationship?

Passion is the heart of every successful relationship. Each relationship goes through many phases. There are times where we feel so passionate about each other and there are other times where intimacy and passion subside. Unfortunately if you don't nurture you relationship daily, passion will start to fade.

In the beginning stages of a relationship, passion will be common between couples, but as we go further in our relationship, our focus shifts from what we have to other negative aspects due to life challenges, stress, and anxiety.

How to restore passion in a relationship

If your relationship lacks passion and intimacy and want to learn how to restore passion in your relationship, then follow the guide below:

1. Remember the happy past

Remember and focus on the time when you two were very passionate about one another. When couples get involved in a relationship, they will be dreaming of having a harmonious, happy, and intimate relationship. However, as times goes on, most tend to forget those early days and stop giving the care and time that the relationship needs.

When you start focusing once again on the blissful days, you will bring passion back to your relationship.

2. Surprise each other

One of the best proven methods to restore and bring back passion to a relationship is to surprise each other in an unusual ways. Here are some ways you can do to surprise your partner:
• Write a note and put it in your partner's pocket or car
• Send a balloon to your partner's work
• Read a romantic poem for your lover

These are great steps you can take right now to help bring back passion in your relationship.

3. Seek a counselor

It is very sad that many relationships end without making an effort to talk to a relationship counselor or coach as many start blaming the other instead of looking for ways to make the relationship work last and grow.

Talking to a counselor on the ways you can use to restore passion in your relationship could be very beneficial for you.

Talking to a counselor or a coach can not only help you bring passion back to your relationship, but it can take your relationship to the next level.

4. Source of compassion

Every time you look at your lover, see your partner as a source of compassion that radiates love, peace, and affection. This is actually one of the best methods that I personally use to increase passion in my relationship.

Whenever you feel that your relationship lacks intimacy and passion, start to imagine your partner as a source of compassion and love. When you visualize your partner radiating love, you will be more likely to bring back the passion once again to your relationship.

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