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6 Marketing Materials That Should Have Your Logo

6 Marketing Materials That Should Have Your Logo

Contrary to popular perception, website, email, and digital letters are not the only way to promote a successful brand and business these days. Even in today's electronic age traditional printed marketing pieces still form the backbone of the marketing channel. Their relevance is still noteworthy especially in terms of making an impact and leaving a personal and lasting impression on people.

To make a marketing campaign exceptionally effective, it's crucial to have a logo that will represent the business all across mediums. The logo is an important branding element that will reflect a business's vision and brand. This material should be present on all marketing pieces, printed or electronic, to achieve a seamless campaign. Let's take a look at some of the important printed marketing materials that should always contain your logo.

• Business cards. This is an important marketing tool that every business owner should have. No matter how small or big the company is, the business card should form part of their campaign. Prominently laid out on the card is the logo. Neither big nor small, it should be designed well and placed on a good location where it will be seen easily. Ask the help of commercial printing services to help you with your business cards.

• Brochures. These are designed to provide valuable details to people. If you can create an attractive package, you can easily promote your brand. Put your logo on the cover and even the inside pages so you can keep your brand in front of your target customers.

• Newsletters. Aside from a digital newsletter, you still have to produce printed newsletters. This will help you connect well with your existing customers and keep them updated of your business. If you want personal connection and build people's trust, be sure to create printed newsletter with your logo printed prominently on it. Put it in front on the top left corner. This will ensure you that the logo will be seen immediately.

• Stationery. The business stationery includes several materials such as the letterhead, envelope, and presentation folder. It is important that your logo should be printed on all these materials. Be sure that the design is appropriate so you can effectively promote your image and brand.

• Calendar. If you want long term marketing, you need a material that will stay with your customers for a long time. An attractively designed calendar will help you with this. Design an effective and high quality calendar that will remind people of your business name and brand for a long time. You can opt for a tent, wall, or pocket calendar depending on your need. Whichever you need, make sure you make the design captivating so people will be encouraged to display it on their home or office.

• Door hangers. These may be simple materials, but they prove to be effective in putting your brand in front of people. You distribute them personally or include them on your mailers. Don't forget to print your logo on the material to ensure your brand is well promoted.

These printed marketing materials play an important role in establishing your brand. With the help of a Dallas commercial printing service, you can be sure your materials will effectively promote your logo and your brand. Include printed materials on your campaign today and accomplish a successful marketing campaign.

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