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How to Motivate Your Sales Management Team in 4 Easy Steps

How to Motivate Your Sales Management Team in 4 Easy Steps

You've provided your team with the best sales training out there. But you want to know what else you can do on an internal level to keep your sales management team motivated and strong.

1. Keep the lines of communication open with your sales management team.

Communication is not just about speaking. It also means listening. Are you listening to your sales management team - their ideas and needs - as well as keeping them informed on any changes to your sales strategy?

Make a regular practice of asking the members of your sales team about:

· their future goals at the company

· what they most enjoy about their current jobs

· what motivates them beyond salary

Bonus tip: To make sure that you hear from everyone on your team, use a combination of communications methods involving the spoken and written word:

· ask people to submit written statements before meetings (this will help ensure that you hear from everyone on your sales management team - not just the most outspoken members)

· encourage people to follow up on face-to-face meetings by email if necessary

2. Deal with problems quickly.

Is there a member on your sales team who has not been respecting the sales strategy? Dealing with problems as they arise can help you gain the respect and dedication of the rest of the team.

3. Show appreciation for your sales management team.

Find interesting ways to thank your sales management team for their successful implementation of your sales strategy.

· Write an in-house newsletter highlighting team members' accomplishments (public).

· Leave a hand-written thank you note on a high performing team member's desk (private).

· Make a tradition of acknowledging recent accomplishments at your team's monthly meeting (public).

Complimenting truly is an art form. It is important to be as specific as possible. Take the time to describe the accomplishment rather than simply telling the sales management team that they are doing a "good" job. How exactly are they doing a "good" job?

Bonus tip: It's important to compliment your sales team on their sales strategy, but don't lose sight of the other qualities that make an effective team. It's possible to acknowledge a member of the team for other accomplishments, such as:

· organizing the company social club

· taking the time to mentor newer members of the team

· volunteering to implement a sustainable development policy

4. Delegate to show trust.

Your sales management team wants to know that you trust them to implement the sales strategy. Show them how much you respect their sales training by delegating as many tasks as possible.

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