Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Entrepreneurs Should Have a Business Coach

Why Entrepreneurs Should Have a Business Coach

I was not always an entrepreneur, in fact up until 7 years ago my only resume included 20 years of real estate sales. Yes you may say that can be considered an entrepreneur because as a Realtor you are self-employed. My definition of an entrepreneur is someone that is always seeking, open to opportunities and knows which ones to choose to make a real profit. Most entrepreneurs are risk takers and with that comes failure, or as I like to say, just another way that doesn't work and move on.

Honestly I never knew business coaching, personal development coaching or entrepreneurial coaching even existed until 2004. Before I got a coach I was doing a lot of things the hard way. Sure I was successful but it took me a lot longer to get there than it should have. I hired my first business development coach in 2004. I was selling real estate in Los Angeles and had just moved back from Colorado Springs where I had a very successful career selling 38-42 homes a year working only 6 hours days 5 days a week. Life was good, but I was homesick and thought I could easily duplicate what I did in Colorado here in LA. Boy was I wrong! I had left a huge database and now was starting from scratch, dumb idea for sure. My business coach starting asking me questions that honestly I had never even thought of; like where do you see yourself in 5 years? Well I tell you it really wasn't selling real estate. I had been selling for 20 years and was really done with that adventure, but wasn't sure what else I could do. When I started coaching my very first call it clicked, this is what I want to do, what a great job! Within in 6 months I was a coach with one of the top firms in the country!

That was the start of my entrepreneurship! I met so many incredible people and started surrounding myself with people doing more than me (just like my coach told me) and it was like Pandora box opened up for me. Soon I found myself selling real estate, coaching 40 agents all over the US, investing in condo towers in Costa Rica, and speaking and training all over Southern California. All this with being a newly single mom with 2 little kids.

I would have never been able to do any of this or even think of the possibility of doing something like that without the help of my personal development coach. I have used the principles and teaching of my coach and have been paying it forward with my own style for the past 6 years. I have personally coached hundreds of Realtors, and now since opening up my own firm in Sept 2009, am now coaching life coaches, entrepreneurs, network marketers, and of course real estate agents.

If you really want to step it up both personally and professionally and stop worrying about when the next time you are going to get paid, if you are going to get paid, and start living your dream business and life.

Tammy Burnell founded Turning Passions into Profits in September of 2009. Within 90 days of opening her coaching company, she had filled her coaching schedule and established herself as an expert in helping people find their own entrepreneurial spirit. She has since become one of the top group leaders of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and an in-demand motivational speaker.

Tammy's ability to help others fast track their success has made her an extraordinarily effective coach. She helps clients get immediate results and start cashing in on their passions.

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