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Thinking Big Doesn't Allow Excuses

Thinking Big Doesn't Allow Excuses

By Danny L Churchill

Thinking big. What does that mean? Is it daydreaming of a bigger house, a better car, more money? Can you be said to be 'thinking big' if your goal is better health than you've ever enjoyed? Is 'thinking big 'the right way to think about a successful relationship? Does 'thinking big' apply to the college you want to go to? Thinking big could be used to describe any of these desires. But most of the time we think it only applies to money or possessions.

Belief, faith, desire, daydreaming and thinking big are all the same thing - not! But thinking big does require the other four. It's hard to even begin the process of thinking big until you've allowed yourself the unrestrained freedom of thinking bigger thoughts, dreaming of impossible possessions, wishing for those far away vacations, etc. yet daydreaming is the playground upon which faith, desire, and belief play. The trick is figuring out what we really want in life. For each of us the answer is different. Our daydreams are different, our wishes are different, the process we use, the path we take to achieve our desires and our dreams will be uniquely ours.

Daydreaming and desires share a symbiotic relationship. They feed off one another. A daydream may build into a desire, and that desire spawn bigger and more elaborate daydreams. Daydreaming is part of the fertilizer that allows our desires to grow. Faith, that what we want exists, and exists for us to have as well as those other lucky people, waters our desires. But it is the belief that we can have those things as well that allows our 'big thinking' to materialize.

Most of us simply refuse to disappoint ourselves by thinking big. We often complain about those lucky people that have somehow achieved their success and gained all those pretty possessions. We even allow our jealousy to turn into an unfair judgment of others. We are sure they gain all their possessions, all their money, through some sort of deceit or unlawful action. And although this may on occasion be correct, for the most part those that have bigger lives than ours have them because of their belief, faith and desire to think bigger than we do.

In David J Schwartz' book The Magic of Thinking Big, first copyright 1959, he gives several good examples of the excuses so many of us use for not already having what we say we want. He also explains how to overcome those excuses should we desire to do so. The only reason we don't think bigger than we do is because we don't think our desires are within our reach, and we are almost always wrong! An excuse is just another form of fear: Some of our excuses are:

• Bad Health

• Lack of training/education

• I'm too old/young

• Bad luck

• Born with no 'social' advantages

Many very successful people have had at least one of these excuses they could have used, but chose not to. Their desire, belief and faith that they could achieve their big goals required that they simply ignore any excuse that might stop them. Not only can each of these excuses be overcome, a couple of them are just plain lame. And we use each and every one of these excuses out of fear. Thinking big requires fairly large mental and emotional blinders. Allowing our imagination and our creativity to wonder into uncharted areas of our potential is a good way to get an idea of the kind of things, activities and work that are interesting and meaningful to us. Having a pencil and paper handy when you do this is important. A tape recorder or digital recorder works well too. Most of the time I just use the recorder on my phone or type my ideas in to the 'notes' feature. How about you?

I have discovered that thinking big isn't a switch you flip 'on' in your head, it is a gradual process of learning and discovery. And although it is mainly a thinking process many of the supporting characters necessary to achieve our goals come from the 'heart' of a person. It isn't an easy journey but I know that creating my life my way is the only way to be happy.

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