Monday, February 6, 2012

The Power Within

The Power Within
"The greatest trouble with most of
us is that our demands upon
ourselves are so feeble, the call
upon the great within us so weak
and intermittent, that it makes no
impression upon the creative
energies; it lacks the force that
transmutes desires into realities."
Orison Swett Marden

Have you ever read the stories of
the amazing feats of strength
performed by people in a crisis?

The man that single-handedly
lifts up a car so a person can be
pulled to safety, for example?

How can people do those things?
Our quote suggests that it's the
wrong question.

Perhaps we should ask - why can't
people do these things all the time?

After all, if we can do them in a
crisis, why not any time we need

These special cases suggest that
we have a reservoir of power within
us that we rarely ever tap. Not just
physical power, but the power of
resolve and determination.

With this power, wouldn't we be able
to do amazing things in our lives,
to achieve amazing goals? Why
wouldn't we use it?
Well, some people do use it. We
call them "successful" and we see
them as special or lucky.

But they're special only in that they
chose to use that power that Marden
calls "the great within us" without
waiting for a car wreck.

Feeble demands make no impression
upon the creative energies, so we
never engage them and we don't
even know they're there.

But they are there. I challenge you
to raise the level of achievement that
you expect from yourself, to place a
much higher demand upon your
creative energies.

It make take some effort to wake
them up if they haven't been used
for a while, but they're waiting for

Employ the force that transmutes
your desires into realities. Be
prepared to sweat.

No more excuses!

Many blessings,