Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Discover Your Life's Purpose!

How to Discover Your Life's Purpose!

By Cheryl Fauvel

Do you ever feel that sometimes your life seems a bit stuck and you feel like you are just drifting! This is not a nice feeling and can leave us feeling insecure and lost with no idea of our destination! There has to be more to life than that? Discover your life's purpose!

Life is short and the years just fly by, sometimes it feels as though time is running out, and I for one don't like that feeling at all!
So Much To Do And So Little Time!

We have become so bogged down with our daily necessary things to do, the job, the family, the chores.. by the time we have some time for ourselves we are done in and fit for nothing. Then on top of that, others want a piece of us as well! How are we meant to achieve any goals when this is what we have to deal with?
So many people feel this way, we get caught up in life, living how we think we are supposed to live, we forget who we truly are and what our life is meant to be!
This is not what life should be like, not at all!
Life Is Too Short!

Life is definitely too short to be letting it just slip by, or living it by others standards. Our life is the most precious gift we have, and we should not take it for granted and let it slip by! We need to reach our potential, grow as much as possible and take in all the beauty that is on offer for us! It is all just waiting for us to see the light and stop living a boring mundane life!
If we just take a leap of faith, life is not gray and boring, it's just beautiful and amazing, we are too busy to see it!

Don't you want to look back at your life and smile, knowing that your strived for your goals and lived to the full? Yes our lives are definitely about more than this! We have a mission, it is our job to find our true purpose and live it!
How do We Find Our life Purpose?
Firstly we have to take time for ourselves, if that means that you have to leave your family to their own devices for a while, so what, they will survive while you take an hour for yourself!

Get out, go for a walk, open your eyes and look at the wonders around you! Get into the habit of demanding that time for yourself, try to do it at the same time everyday, and don't feel guilty, you are entitled to this, you will become a better person and your family will get used to it and love you for it!
Ask Yourself Some Questions!

Now that you are used to your own time, sit with nature, maybe next to a big powerful tree! Ask yourself if you are happy, what would you change if you could? Is there something you would like to achieve with your life! Look for your passion. If you feel really excited and just have to get on the road to achieve this, then you have most likely found your purpose, the reason for your life!
If this is your purpose then you will not be able to let go of it, and believe me if you do not proceed to live it, you will be missing out on all the glory and wonder of your life!

Don't waste your life, live your passion create your dreams, do it now! Discover your life's purpose!

Life is too short not to love every moment, start loving it! Choose to grow and achieve your dreams, it really is your choice, make it now! Be true to you and discover your life's purpose! My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire! Cheryl Fauvèl

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