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How To Be Happy With Yourself Everyday

How To Be Happy With Yourself Everyday
By Grace Rivera

Want to know how to be happy with yourself? Want to know what principles happy people cling on to? Here's a peek to some of the secrets to being happy with who you are day in and out. With hope, the following should change your perspective in life and improve your disposition. Lastly, it should help you embrace yourself and be one of the happy few who succeed in life.

Here are some tips on how to be happy:

Loosen up and find time for leisure. Your crazy work life and domestic responsibilities may kill your free time completely but that should never be the case. You don't need an hour to pamper yourself to some quick leisure activities. Take a fifteen-minute break every three hours of solid chair-wrecking session with your laptop and treat yourself to a sweet and warm mug of chocolate or cappuccino. Go out for a breather and take in some fresh air or watch the sun folds its glorious rays before your very eyes.

Surround yourself with things that delight you. If you are a girl, surround yourself with beautiful things such as flowers or plants, pretty furniture or work desk fillers, funny photos, inspiring quotes, etc. If you are a guy, you might find action toy figures, family picture, car posters or photos of gadgets fascinating. Whatever it is that lights a flicker of smile in your heart, whether it's something you have or don't have practical use of, put it where you frequent. These things shall remind you of your aspirations and experiences and stir in you a sense of joy that can only be found in simple things.

Lose yourself from time to time. Do crazy things once in a while and make yourself as goofy as possible. The ability to enjoy life is sometimes reflected on how mighty you can laugh at yourself. Don't be afraid to see and unleash your freak. Take your inhibitions away, have fun, and get to know yourself in every light. This is a good exercise if you really want to know how to be happy with yourself. After all, being comfortable with yourself means knowing yourself fully well.

Accept everything you are. No one else will. It is okay to have flaws and there's nothing wrong with being imperfect. Sure there are things you wish you could be or have but that doesn't nullify all the other good qualities you have. And if you will take time to notice, you find that not all bad things about you are thorns in the flesh. Sometime, they can be your saving grace, too.

Set aside time for self-talk. No, you don't do it in public or when you're in your cubicle. Like scheduling an appointment with your dentist, this self-talk should be done in private, when you are alone and not rushing. What do you do in a self-talk therapy session? Well, it's basically an exercise where you let your thoughts and feelings out by talking. You can get a mirror if you are more visual but often times just focusing on yourself talk will suffice. Talk as if you are the only person alive. It's good for the soul and spirit, but never ever try doing it out in public or others may think you're crazy.

Make other people happy. You can start by doing kind things for others or saying some really encouraging or inspiring. You may show up and show your support if a significant one is undergoing a life-changing event in her life or a crisis. Or you may literally crack a joke or witty remark over lunch or during a boring meeting. Whatever could make someone happy, do it as long as you are capable. The more happiness you give, the more you receive.

All in all, how to be happy with yourself takes effort. For some it comes out naturally but in some cases, you really have to work on it. Thankfully, there are ways. You have just been given the key to lasting happiness, use it well.

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