Saturday, December 24, 2011

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Sticking to New Years Resolutions


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Most people at sometime in their life make a New Years Resolution, but not many people will follow through with a New Years Resolution for even 6 months! Why? They have high hopes! They want the resolution to happen, that's why they made it! So why don't people stick to it?

It's like deciding to bake a cake without looking at what the ingredients are. You know what you want, but you don't bother to find a receipt, or look up the ingredients, you just guess that you can make this cake. And sometimes it will work a little bit, but if you've never made a cake before you might use the wrong flour, leave out the egg, put the oven on too high, and many other things.

The same can be said for New Years Resolutions. If you want to make a lasting change in your life, you need a recipe. Now the thing with internal change is that you have to be prepared to ask your self the hard questions! You can't decide to get fit by going to the gym if you don't like the gym. You just wont stick to it. You need to ask yourself why do I want to get fit? What has stopped me before? And how can I make this work this time? So you may have multiple answers for all of those questions, but if you don't work through all the answers to the first two questions you may not last on your quest for being fitter.

So, examples may be, "I want to get fitter so I can run with the kids", "I want to get fitter to lose 10kgs/ pounds", anything. The next question however is the hard one! And the first answer you think of probably isn't the real problem. Your first answer could be, " I don't have time for exercise" Well you and i both know you could make time, dig deeper! "Well, I don't like gyms", OK, join a sports team, take up swimming, dancing, surfing, there is so much fun stuff. Dig deeper, Maybe the reason is your worried people will laugh at you, or your scared people will judge you, or your not sure you can do it anyway so why start? You really need to examine what is stopping you with this resolution!

From there you need to decide if that's worth stopping for? Someone else's opinion that you don't know, or doesn't know you, is it worth staying unfit for? Or is it worth not even trying because you don't think you could do it anyway? Really? Ask your self who is going to care for you if you don't care for you? Someone else wont magically make your resolutions happen! You need to work out what is stopping you, and work through it. From there you can correct the past. That way you will have more success with the future!

New Years Resolutions are just goals set at New Years, they can be made any time of the year. If you make it on New Years, and break it on the 10th of Jan, have a look at why you broke it, work through it, and make the goal again on the 11th of January. Figure out what you want in life, and look at why you haven't got it... to get it you just need to be prepared to look back and see how far you've come, and how you can adjust your course to move forward quicker and easier.