Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Your Life's Vision

By Larry DeRusha

Article Source :www.successconsciousness.com

As the new year begins, it is always a good idea to take a look at your life's vision to decide if you are on-track or not. When I say life's vision I mean the vision your soul has for your life. If you haven't taken the time to vision, I'll give you a technique to accomplish it. If you have your vision already use this technique to re-energizing it.

Let's make a distinction between visioning and visualization, which I call imagining.


This process is to visualize some thing or situation using your imagination. Perhaps you want a new job. Let's use the desire for a new job and the process as a demonstration.

1. Sit quietly in a place where it is comfortable. This place should be relatively dark and quiet so your senses will not engage in the outer world so easily. Then as you are sitting take a deep breath and let out all the air. Now breathe normally and close your eyes. Allow you awareness to focus on your breath. If your mind is busy thinking of all kinds of things you may want to chant - use the word "relax". Just repeat it over and over until your mind is quiet your breathing steady.

2. Next, imagine yourself in this new position/job.

3. Imagine all of the detail in this picture. Look around in your mind's eye picture and notice the detail. Notice colors, what if anything is being said what it feels like. If this is a still picture see if you can turn it into a movie.

4. Once you have this picture and detail the next critical step is to experience what it feels like when you are working in this new position. To do this look at the picture/movie and notice how wonderful or fulfilling it feels. Notice this in your body right now as if the experience is actually happening.

By combining what you see hear and what you feel in your imagination, you present to the mind a circumstance-a mold into which the universe pours reality. Imagining is very important to the creation process. Being able to imagine what it is you want to create is a necessary part of conscious creation. You may want to practice this several times. I sat for two weeks on and off doing this process until I just couldn't any more. The results showed up within two weeks.

There are several cautions. If you have doubt about the circumstance you are imagining you are actually impeding its creation. The more doubt, the less likely the creation will take place. The reason why you create what you have always had is you have faith in what you have already created and believe it to be your truth. The second caution is not to expect too short a time frame. It will happen whenever you have fully accepted your desire as true of your life. The time it takes to clear your doubts is the amount of time that will pass before you experience what you wish to create. Practice this process daily to chip away at your resistance to having what you desire.


Unlike imaging, visioning is a function of the intuitive mind. It allows you to tap into your soul and "see" your future. Visioning is sitting in the silence of meditation and allowing yourself (ego) to dissolve into the something beyond the conscious mind and beyond the Local Story to the Greater Story. It is from this place that you can "see" your life and how it unfolds for the highest good. This gives your life a reference point to determine if you are on-track.

When I first visioned my life, I sat in a quiet place where I wouldn't be disturbed for at least three hours. This would give me time to quiet my conscious mind and move into the silence. Some people take longer and some less time to accomplish this same thing. When I sat and found the silence I saw parts of a movie playing. The overall theme was helping people to find deeper meaning in their lives and to use my intuition to open people to their vision.

If you haven't captured your life's vision yet, begin by taking this question into meditation: "What is the highest good that I can allow to come through me?" This question can open the door as you move into a deeper, more relaxed meditative state. If the vision doesn't come the first time you sit - try again. It may take several sittings. Few of us have cultivated our intuitive powers. Is it any wonder then why the first time or two or three we come up blank?

Furthermore, your purpose in this life can be more readily understood when you catch your life's vision. This vision is the "internal picturing" of your purpose unfolding-the reason why you exist. When you create a life plan or blueprint for your life part of the plan must be to vision your life. Take the time to catch the vision of your life and watch the miracles happen.