Wednesday, December 7, 2011

4 Strategies For Team Motivation And Involvement

Co-Author: Jodi Wiff

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Everything starts from the leader especially team motivation. A leader should possess important qualities. A good leader must wisely direct his or her team. They should endeavor to help his team improve so that consequently, everybody will be proficient in work performance and the team achieves successful outcomes.

Explain Yourself Clearly

As a leader, you need to meticulously set your goals, detail the work, and lead the group in harmony. You need to be clear about your objectives, procedures, and strategies. Find time to fully explain the data on hand. Make the team understand the tasks. Don't be vague on the instructions. Don't assume that the members know or understand it all. Be approachable so that if there are questions, you will be able to address it accordingly. Create a strategy to make your explanations simple and easy. You may even want to use diagrams and figures to create a vivid picture. You may want to distribute sheets of paper for the important matters in the discussion. Making your presentation interesting also adds up to the eagerness of the team to learn and understand and this boosts team motivation.

Ask Questions

Leaders need to hear the opinion of the members. Since everybody is involved, each inquiry must be addressed. Work is proficient in an area where communication is two-way and this increases team motivation. Set an environment where fears, anxieties, hesitations, and difficulties are dealt with. Encourage your team to ask questions for better clarification. Give time for them to comprehend matters and concerns.

Motivate with Incentives

Strategies like rewards are very helpful. Members become more motivated, more inspired, and more enthusiastic to work if they are anticipating something like cash bonuses, paid vacations, free meals, and even little tokens. Find out what specific items or rewards are interesting for your team. For sure, they will be enticed. Enhancing team motivation will make your team happy to work with you.

Do Not Be a Slave Driver

Never push your team too hard on the tasks. It just makes them more ineffective in their performance. You need to comprehend the capacity of the team as part of team motivation. Deadlines may be extended or breaks or rest may be set. Also, never ask too much for a job that needs to be done. Be elegant and focused even in the most trying circumstances. A good leader knows him or herself well and is able to encourage team motivation for the group's success.