Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Self-Confidence Is a Selling Skill You Must Develop

You could do all the best sales training available on the market today but if you lack self-confidence you are missing a key ingredient to sales success. In fact I'm sorry to admit this but even bad sales people with lots of self-confidence can still enjoy a certain degree of success. Now if you put self-confidence together with a high skillset you really have the magic selling formula. Okay so now that we know self-confidence is necessary if we want to be in the all exclusive top 5% of sales people, how do we get it?

1. Remove All Negative Influences

There are a lot of people out there who will try and ridicule you if you demonstrate your self-confidence in selling but you have to politely remove them from your day. Surround yourself with positive mentors who only wish you the best of success. It seems plain obvious but you need a bit of discipline to put it into practice. There's always one person who is out to ruin the party!

2. Teach Your Sub-Conscious Mind To Be Confident

A lot of sales people don't realise that our sub-conscious thoughts rule our behaviour, so first and foremost, we need to make sure these voices in our head are saying the right stuff. The good news is that if we make true statements enough times our sub-conscious starts to interpret them as real. (You didn't know human beings were so dumb, did you?) So start now by writing notes all over the place with messages like "I am really successful in selling!" Or "I make lots and lots of sales with ease!" I know it feels a bit dumb to do this at first but you have to believe that this will influence your behaviour significantly over time. The problem is that most people stop doing it too quickly and that won't work. With a little work our minds can be programmed to think in a certain way

3. Look Back on your Successes

It's also very important to look back on those moments when you did something really well and to re-live them. Everybody will have spoken or written to a customer in such a way that it got a great response. For example, a customer may have liked the way you treated them and wanted to let you know about it. These moments are precious building blocks to greater self-confidence so document them as much as you possibly can. Show them to your friends and colleagues so they will also see you as being great at what you do.

4. Self- Confidence is Contagious

The beauty of self-confidence is the fact that it has a contagious effect on most people. People are almost fascinated by a person who believes in something with such conviction and when this is coupled with positive emotions they often also want a piece of the action. I suppose it's also quite difficult to fake self-confidence, although it can be done to a certain extent if you are great at acting. Your powerful conviction will allow people to have more faith in whatever product or service you are offering, simply because you are the living testimonial.

Now I'm not just saying that anyone can become super self-confident overnight without a big bang on the head or some kind of extra-terrestrial intervention. It's something that you have to work on in the same way that you would work on a muscle. However I believe that just about any sales person can improve their level of self-confidence if they are willing to work on it. The most important thing to reflect on here is the fact that improved self-confidence will almost certainly amount to more sales.