Monday, December 5, 2011

Message of the week

Balancing Life and Opportunity


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Have you been thinking that you need to change the place that you are. Again, you know you are not in the physical or mental place you need to be. You begin changing your place when you know you in are not aligned or balanced. Align yourself to some of the opportunities presented to you, follow your instincts that tells "this is right for me." Use quiet space to think and reconnect yourself to the possibilities by preparing yourself for success.

You know the closer you get to connecting to people and opportunities, there will be road blocks trying to interfere. You know your health, your mindset, relationships and financials affect your health mental. Getting closer and to your opportunity takes a stage of events. Attracting like minds and a team are the links to your personal growth. Look at your mentors and the people they motivate and influence. Move in the same direction and observe their actions. The passion, plus the opportunity and the strength of many makes a momentum that get you 5 people closer to the person you need to meet.

Collaborate with those people who are interest and have that same passion. Make plans in being all in the same room at the same time. Learn to share and experience with many. An example: my Mom attended a conference with me where she was so impress by sitting in the room full of educators. Her thoughts were that there were so many educated minds making a force field of energy of feeling smart. Effectively and collectively that's what the energy does, it delivers most of whats around you.

Have value and content that you can share to help someone else. Instructions maybe necessary and you may need to be the leader to show how. You may have something that will bring growth to someone else or visa versa. Social exchange brings growth when you are ready to receive. Gather together because sticks in bundles are hardly broken. Adjust your energy level, mindset and your income. Give value, find who you are and who you can influence. Have some discipline to make a change. Have the strength to make a stand.

TIPS on staying on top:

-Try not to allow nothing time, time where you just do nothing. Apply your thoughts in a space where you can develop it and think out your possibilities.
-Dodge the negative energy that comes along, and be prepared to drop down below it and rise above it.
-The television is a tool used to distract you and pull you back, make you lazy and change your mind.
-Don't keep doing what you not sure you can do, instead always doing what you know you can.

This is your way of starting to balance and taking advantage of yourself and opportunities. When you make it Drop you rise to the top!