Friday, November 25, 2011

Stop Hating the World - How to Find Happiness


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Aristotle says,"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence."

No doubt this quote of Aristotle explains the significance of the word ''Happiness''. Happiness makes a major part of our life. It has its roots deeply embedded in our souls which effects our hearts and minds. A combination of this trio opens the doors to new horizons that approach the sublime. Most of us await opportunities and means that could become a source of our happiness. We expect others to make us happy and when others fail to meet our expectations, we feel depressed and our lives are overwhelmed by the thick and dense clouds of melancholy.

If we look around, we can find a thousand ways to make ourselves happy and can also send the sparks of this happiness to those, who form a major part of our life. Happiness is an art. Those, who learn it, are considered lucky as they fully utilize this art to make the world a happier and better place to live at. Some people rely on others for their happiness. They associate their happiness to the actions and deeds of others and if they go against them, they lose temper and show their grievances through groaning and grumbling. This provokes negativism in them which in turn affects their personality.

If we ponder deeply we can find infinite ways of keeping not only ourselves, but also everyone, hale and hearty. Our happiness is in our hands. We have to find means how to explore it. Nature provides us an immense source of happiness that is hidden in its fabulous scenery, creatures and objects. The Sun rises in the East and spreads its golden rays everywhere to make everything glitter like gold. When its rays strike the clear water of a stream they create tiny twinkling stars in it. The fresh morning breeze blows over the mountains and valleys. Birds soar in the sky flapping their wings gracefully. The dense clouds play hide and seek in the sky. All this natural phenomena has a soothing effect on us and make us feel delighted.

Another source of happiness lies in expressing our pent up emotions in the most befitting manner. Write an article to express your views. Express yourself with the help of your words. Give expression to your thoughts through words. You'll have your catharsis and it will provide you relief.

Find your way to happiness in your kitchen. Take a good recipe, prepare a dish of your choice and share it with family and friends. Invite your friends to dine out with you and enjoy their company. You can go to cinema or theatre with your family or friends to enjoy the new releases. Dine out in restaurants and hotels. Go on vacation with your family and visit picturesque places. Explore the depths of beautiful valleys.

Sit by the fire side in the cold winter evening and read a good novel. Satisfy your appetite by taking hot chicken corn soup. Walk in the meadows to enjoy the fresh beads of dew on the green grass. Look at the wild red roses that are fragrant like the French perfume. Paint a picture by scattering the colours of rainbow on your canvas. Let your colours speak by giving them a balance with the soft touch of your painting brush. Express your innovative ideas through your artistic work and make your colours your representative.

The best way of seeking happiness is to give others happiness. Console the broken hearts with the balm of love and care. Try to provide them comfort by realizing their pain and relieving the broken hearts of their piercing agony.

Dedicate yourself to a noble cause, like consoling the needy and dejected people. Work for the welfare of others. Prefer the interest of others over your own interest and see just how delighted you feel. Love and respect others. This will leave an astounding soothing effect on your mind and heart which results in the complete contentment of your soul. Never breed feelings of enmity and abhorrence in your heart as they may cast a disastrous effect on your personality.

The most desirable way of acquiring true happiness is our staunch belief in the divine powers of God. It purifies our soul that results in complete satisfaction of our heart and mind.

We can find happiness everywhere, if we aim to devise ways that elaborate our chances of attaining happiness. Stop complaining of your failures, be realistic and boldly face the world.Don't hold others responsible for your sufferings. Just find your own ways towards the joys of life and be delighted and happy.

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