Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tips to Forget About Yesterday and Live for Today


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I hear what you are saying, but even just listening is exhausting. Unlike others in your life who ask how you are and don't wait for the response, I actually hear what you are saying and am waiting for your response. Not only that, but once you tell me, I am secretly trying to take it to the next level and trying to help.

As I observe your actions though, I can only wonder if that is really what you want at all. The story you tell is one of passion. Your eyes gaze into the air above as if you can almost feel yourself having all that you want: passion, happiness, success, are so passionate in fact, that I can almost feel it. Yet once your story-telling is over, your eyes seem to lower, creating somewhat of a defeated look. What I see is that you are actually resigned to having the life you have right now, exactly as it is.

"Impossible!" you say, "I do want more!"


The two largest complaints I hear are about wanting to move forward in life and wanting more financial success. While you may hear these topics as larger than life, I am clear that as long as you have actions that follow your words, connected with a real plan and an ability to truly imagine what they look like, you can achieve either... or both.

So you say you want to move forward? You want to stop having your past dictate your future? Of course you do! Who wouldn't want that? Maybe the answer is you. Moving forward is not hard to do. It can be painful, with its daily or weekly challenges, but it is about commitment. It is about honoring your word to stop looking back. It is about not treating people in your life today, based on what your life brought to your doorstep yesterday.

"Today's hysteria is history."

That's right. Whatever has you upset in this very moment, has so many legs from your past attached to it that you can't even see what is present in this moment. And if you can't see what is present in this moment, then you are choosing to live in the past and will not be moving forward. Not today anyway.

Find out what you really want by asking yourself a simple question:

If there were no limitations or fears what would I be willing to do to achieve my goals?

Got it? Great!

Understand that limitations are merely obstacles to climb over and fears, well, are just fears. You can thank them for showing up over and over, but then continue on your journey in spite of them.

Now we can go back to the original topic of what you really want and how long are you willing to let yourself get in your own way? Carve out what you want by being completely present in this moment. Put aside what your past has said you are capable of and create the path to get you there.

Say what you mean, then back it up with actions that truly show you mean it!