Monday, November 14, 2011

Planned for Achievement


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Setting the objective, or objectives, know what is wrong, or right. Is the problem in you or the environment? Change, your environment and in the process change yourself.

1. The course is set.
You know where you and your vehicle is moving towards.

2. There is a 'marker'.
The marker is where you can take aim at, as, it convinces you that the area around the marker is closest to the main target than anywhere else.

3. Encourages you, as you can see.
Visualization of a 'finish line' is a stimulating effect that makes any person takes action. However, planning to take action is needed.

4. Enforces wisdom.
Most people will acknowledge the level of importance of such an activity. Therefore considering the variable factors, and putting effort into achieving positive and satisfactory the end results.

As a student, I learnt principles on 'Process Management'

You and I make concerned effort to get formulae, methodologies and wisdom! So, we make focused efforts and concerns while digging deep into the situation for clues, solutions and the answers. As a result, systems are made to 'smooth-en' these tedious processes.

"SMART illustrates the 5 characteristics of an efficient objective; it stands for Specific - Measurable - Attainable (achievability) - Relevant (realistic) - Timely (time bound)."

To do my phase of 'follow up', I did some research as I was confused! What made me start thinking is the lack of wisdom to understand, attain and comprehend what must be done, and what must not be done!

And, I found some description texts and articles online, discussing the solutions, problems and ultimate results these pointers produce;

"PRISM is an acronym for Personal, Realistic, Interesting, Specific and Measurable."

I rather elaborate or discuss about the similarities of acronym related systems. After all, reinventing a new solution is better for a 'newbie or rookie' like me. Learn, to succeed, not change the systems! Simply do it in a less common way.

1. Specificity (DEFINE the planned result!)
My peers explained to me, the closest activity at your age, it is like a computer game:
With battlefield intelligence, targets acquired, Go!

What to do, how to do, which to do, why do this first, and where to start? Measuring a piece of furniture makes it easier to fit things into your room space. For instance, take measurements, mentally or keeping records or vital cues, features, measures and even desires if the end result is customized.

With the example above, it can benefit anyone, most importantly, yourself!

Praying with Faith Regardless of religion, as I respect the global community, there exist an invisible force that unites, encourages, and motivates people to take action. Go into the mode of euphoria, and zeal!

Success is made through countless conquests of obstacles in life.


God's wisdom is infinite, faith is what we need. Faith makes people transcend themselves, in mindset, character and culture.

Take Action

Action plan implementation Take action, nothing is holding us back, as you have faith in yourself.

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