Friday, November 11, 2011

Identifying That Which You Would Like to Achieve

By Joshua Clayton

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We all want to achieve. What matters is really identifying what we want to achieve. How we want and need to achieve it comes after knowing what we want to achieve. This is the secret of the identification of what we want to achieve and achieving it successfully. We must know what we want before we understand why we want it. To really believe in our desires, we must first know what we desire. Once that is done, the first step on the genuine journey can begin with certainty.

The most powerful journeys in life and existence are when we identify with our goal, and understand fully our goal that we want to achieve. Indeed, achievement power comes from knowing what you want. There is not really any such thing as wanting what someone else wants, because each goal is individual as each atom or unit of energy is separate from another. Sure, you can get ideas from others, but ultimately an individual synthesis of what you want genuinely has to happen. What I mean is, the materials are there, but you have to put together your own identification and combination. In all honesty, I did not make this up, reality works this way. Our lives are what we make them in thought and in deed. First we think, then we do our deed.

Achievement, without matter to what it is, works this way. Did you ever hear the expression, "I have an idea"? Then when the idea is good, naturally action is taken upon that concept? Well, that is how life properly works. To unconsciously take action without the thought first would be pure instinct without thinking or reasoning out conceptual reality. So, I would like to say this here: The more genuinely complex the action, the more thinking and reasoning required to take the action. From a complex skyscraper building being constructed from scratch to a car on the road that you drive and maintain, realistically, the more genuinely complex the action, the more thinking and reasoning required to take that action. The above words in bold are the key to why pure instinct does not always work unless tempered with reason, thought and planning. Indeed, the least powerful journeys are badly planned, and poorly reasoned out, yet overly complicated. Think about a bad movie or book that does not make sense or a poor running, poorly designed car. So, sound or good thought and sound or good action at the very least are the keys to identifying and then achieving with certainty or at the very least genuinely identifying what you want to achieve in existence and life.