Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's The Purpose Of Challenges?

By Ron W Kawatsky

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Right now, in your life, are you chasing a dream or goal? Do you want to achieve that dream so bad? Do you want it so bad that you knelt down and prayed to God for His help? If you did that... Great. But what normally happens next? We run dead smack into some roadblocks or obstacles, right? Even though we prayed and asked for help, this happens. And when it does, it's real easy to get mad or angry at God, the world, other people, whoever.

Now, I'm not just going to say to keep your head down, push through it, you can do it, rah rah motivational stuff, ok? I want to give you the insight of what's going on here. That way you know why obstacles or challenges or problems are there in the first place so you'll view them in a different light, even as a Godsend.

So, let's go back for a minute. You wanted a dream to come true. And it wasn't just a "this would nice to have" kinda thingy. It's a big deal. So big, in fact, you came to God and asked the big guy for His help. Now He's not delivering on it, right? Or is He?

So, once again, now you're facing some difficult challenges. Not sure where to go or if you should just abandon ship and give up.

What if I were I to tell you that God is delivering on that prayer of yours exactly to a T. (Not sure where that expression came from or even what it means but I'm rollin with it.) What if I told you that He placed those very challenges and obstacles that you're cursing right now in your way because you asked Him to. In fact, on your knees, you prayed that He put them there. Maybe not in so many words, but in fact you did.

Now you're probably saying, "Dang Ron, what are you talking about?" Well, I'm glad you asked.

Listen up. Here's the facts. There is a bridge between the person you are right this very second and the person that can accomplish your dream or goal. The truth is some work needs to be done and some growth needs to occur in order for us to become the latter. We need to stretch. We need to expand. And know this, because this is great news. God knows exactly what areas we need help with and He is going to be with us the entire time. Any challenge we face is an area we need to work on, otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge. God is trying to transform you into the person you want to be. So, be happy for that.

That being said, facing these challenges and obstacles, I now want you to view them as God-ordained opportunities to learn and grow and get you one step closer. What I don't want you thinking or feeling is, "why me" or "woe is me." No pity parties allowed.

So, just to drill it into your skull even further. The challenges we face are actually the very vehicle that will help us to grow into the person that will be capable of accomplishing our dream or goal. These brick walls we run into are actually our friends. They're good for us. They're getting us where we want to be. Learn to like them. Love them. Embrace them.

So, now you might be saying, "OK Ron, great, yeah yeah, problems and challenges are good for me, but I'm stuck." Let me fill you in on a secret. Life is a state of mind. Success is a state of mind just as defeat is a state of mind. And more importantly, there is trust and faith in God. Knowing that a problem or challenge is actually a blessing should help you maintain a positive and successful state of mind and begin to ask yourself better questions than "why me?"

And one other final thing. Remember, if you aren't taking action and are sitting there relaxed real snugly in your comfort zone, you won't face these challenges. So, the simple fact that you're running into obstacles and are being challenged confirms that you are on your way towards your goal.