Monday, November 7, 2011

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How the Laughter Started!

By Christiana R Carter

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After dinner my family would play cards games and laugh. This was our family ritual. No matter what was going on with us, during game night we called a truce and put aside our differences. Being able to put aside our differences and find the laughter in a way saved me.

My father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer over Thanksgiving 1997 and died 4 months later. He had the best attitude. He told me, "I'm going to make everyone who comes into my room either laugh or smile. Then it will be a good day!" He kept that attitude through to the end. We walked through that journey together. We found reasons to laugh every single day.

Sometimes we don't notice what we have until it's gone. It wasn't until a natural healer told me in 2002, "You don't laugh enough. You need to laugh more." that studying laughter became my focus. He was right, I'd become serious and stressed out. It was affecting my health. After increasing my laughter and feeling the benefits, I'm now teaching others to do the same. Life hasn't always been easy. There have been moments I wasn't sure I'd recover. Yet somehow laughter brought me back to life and vitality every time.

I'm sharing what I've learned over the last 9 years of studying, testing, and working with people. My friends and family notice how quickly I laugh now. After consciously choosing to find the laughter in my life, even in the darkest moments, it has changed me for the better. No matter what happens now, I can always choose to laugh and that is my freedom.

Kids laugh on average of 400 times a day. Adults laugh on average of 17 times a day. What do they know that we've forgotten? They play and life is a game. They live a life of laughter! It's time to put the play back in your life and dust off your laughter muscles.

Getting Started

How do you begin to add more into your life?

1.Start noticing where you already have it. Which funny TV shows or movies do you like? Who are your favorite comedians or funny authors? Which friends do you laugh with? What activities make you smile or bring you joy? What about a game night? Grab a pen and start making list. This will be your menu for when you have free time. Schedule one or two activities a week just to get the ball rolling.

2.Photos are another great idea for keeping joy present in your life and a smile on your face. What photo do you have that brings a smile to your face. Keep it out where you can see it regularly. Every little bit that keeps your mood high helps and pave the way for laughter to follow.

I keep a picture of my dog on my desk under my computer stand. In the photo she's looking up and smiling at me ready to start trouble. Every time it catches my eye, a broad smile spreads across my face and I remember how much fun we used to have. She's been gone a year yet that moment triggers the happiest of memories I have of her.

To live a life of laughter all you have to do is choose to laugh, nothing more just decide. In the beginning it's most difficult since you don't have momentum but once you get started, it's like riding a bike. You remember to laugh and the laughter flows. Laughter is the best medicine!

Christiana Carter is a laughter specialist. In January 2002 a natural healer told Christiana that she didn't laugh enough and it was affecting her health. He prescribed laughter and since then she has transformed her life with it. Now her passion is helping others reclaim their lives with joy and laughter by showing you where it already exists and how to expand it exponentially.