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Employee Responsibility

Employee Responsibility
By Madan Pandia
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Responsibility of Employee to the Organization

The new and existing employees that are hired in an organization have a certain responsibility towards the organization, society, and the nation, at large. Therefore, it is important to induct the 'right' employees in the organization. The traits that these employees personify include teamwork, integrity, commitment, and work ethic.

Roles & Responsibilities for Employees

1. Do Early Homework: Every employee is responsible for understanding the work allotted and determining if it is appropriate for him. He/she should make sure whether he/she has mastered the skills required to perform the task completely. If he/she is not sure about how to handle the work allotted to them they should talk with their superiors and get suggestions and directions in fulfilling the work allotted to him/her. This will help the employee in building good relations with not only their superiors also with their colleagues.

2. Plan with the Manager: Having a proper work schedule or time table for the work allotted to the employee helps the employee in Time Management and reaching the deadlines in time Also, when a new work is allotted

3. Use Available Resources and take responsibility: The employees should have sense of responsibility towards the resources of the Organization. As a part of the Organization every employee is equally responsible for the long life of the existing resources, for which smooth usage and suggestions for usage is required, which in case is not provided should be requested for.

4. Participation: Active listening and participation in teams will ensure that all employees become good team players and work with unity towards common goals of the Organization. Whenever a new work is being allotted all the Employees should be eager enough to take the initiative rather than trying to avoid newer tasks. This will facilitate in employees learning new skills and reaching the Organizational goals with much effectiveness.

5. Be Punctual And Regular: The Prime responsibilities of every employee must be Punctuality and Regularity. You can be better organized by being punctual and regular. Unwanted and unexpected work delays can be dealt effectively

6. Cleanliness is Next To Godliness: One should maintain the cleanliness of their desk, and also premises of the Organization. If you and your premises are clean you will find it more encouraging to work and also it is convenient to work for other employees.

7. Washroom: Please use the washrooms bearing in mind that you are not the only person who is using it. See to it you don't spill the water across the wash basin when you are using it same with the premises of wash room. Health and Hygiene of you and others should be your prime concern.
8. Cost effectiveness: The employees should develop the habit of cost saving work style and put stress on waste control methods with maximum output.

9. Creative thinking and suggestion: The employee should always think upon the improvement of work efficiency and organizational development.

Please be organized,disciplined and contribute to the growth of the Organization. Everyone grows with the Organization. So, Organizational Growth is the Growth of individual and nation.

M.L. Pandia - MA, LLB, PGDPM

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Madan_Pandia

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1607388