Friday, October 21, 2011

Be A Problem Solver

By Amy Rick

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Unbelievable, but true. The secret to success is being a problem solver. That is at the heart of business. The more problems you solve, the more service you provide, the higher the income you will earn. It sounds so simple. Why do so few people apply this concept? I am not sure, but I would assume it is because it involves hard work. They are looking for an easy secret to success. Turns out it all comes down to being totally focused on providing excellent service. Work on your mindset, skills and fitness and you will be more able to access solutions to problems, therefore, helping others and benefiting financially yourself. To reiterate the point, focus on giving and you will receive. Do not have an agenda. Give freely and the law of the universe will kick into high gear in your life. Abundance will come to you with ease and joy.

One of the largest problems facing the world these days is economic. What is the solution to this challenge? I feel it is becoming an entrepreneur. Being your own boss. People are being laid off like crazy these days. I have experienced this myself three times and I got fed up and did something about it in my own life. I learned how to become and entrepreneur. I took work, dedication and perspiration, but it has been worth it. Totally worth it.

The world has changed. Job security is a thing of the past. Who are the people that always thrive in any situation? Those who provide value to others. Another way of saying this is the problem solvers. People are looking for solutions. If they see you have the solutions, they will flock to you without any convincing or coercing. Being of service never goes out of style. It never grows old. Master this mindset and prosper.

The beauty of this way of looking at business and life is that it is very effective. But it does require you to give first and hope to receive later. There is no guarantee. You must have faith in your goals and move forward with certainty in your mind. The picture must be clear in your visualization first before it can appear in your life. This is a mental and emotional process. You must believe first and you will get to your destination with brevity. Don't take my word for it. Apply it in your life and see what happens. This is a way of life and will not produce results overnight. Do not focus on results, but rather fall in love with the process of doing this and your dream life will show up for you en masse.