Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goal Setting - How to Hit the Target Every Time, Without Fail!

By Christopher Fitzpatrick

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Goal Setting Exercises

You can begin your personal goal setting process by simply listing out a wide range of things that you will like to achieve in every aspect of your life such as in your career, health, studies, spiritual life etc.

Please note: During the goal setting exercises, you will not set any type of limit on the cost of achieving the things you want to achieve or thinking that you have a pretty slim chance of ever achieving your goals.

Take a plain sheet of paper and start writing until you have about one hundred things scribbled down on the paper. You can decide to call it your "Goal List" or whatever you decide to call it. Just take a pen and write.

Doing this interesting goal setting exercises is one way you can easily hit the target when setting goals for your future success.

· Write down a list of 10 places or countries you would love to visit before you pass on (die).

· Write out a list of 10 events that you would love to experience personally - what events would you consider very awesome that you would keep talking about them for the rest of your life.

· Write down 10 skills that you really wish to acquire, whether it is to boost your career or personal development.

· Write down what you want your dream home to be like. Simply describe your dream home - in your goal setting list for dream home, you can describe what color you want your home to be, how many bedrooms, the neighborhood you want to live in, how many square feet etc.

· Write down how much money you want to earn per anum

· At what age you wish to retire from your chosen career

· Write down your ideal weight and how many miles you would be interested in running, swimming or cycling with considerable ease.

Goal setting will help you to turn your dreams into achievable goals. You can begin your goal setting process simply by coming up with a list of dreams that you want to come true. Success does not happen by access, you will need to set your goals, plan and work towards achieving them.

From your list, you can choose 10 very exciting things that you want to achieve and then add time limit. Then, go back and set halfway or intermediate goals for each of them. Lastly, write down short term goals that will contribute to achieving the intermediate goals and eventually the long-term goals.

You need to know that there is no limit to goal setting, just ensure that you write out the goals that you will be completely committed to achieving.