Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Time Management Tips - Learn How to Plan Your Day

By Mary Segers

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6598886

Learning How to Plan Your Day

Consists of a few key factors which are easy to master but which will require some thinking...I know, painful...and then daily practice.

Some people would advise planning the night before for the next day and some would advise taking a few minutes in the morning to plan your day. At the far reaches of reality (at least reality if there is anyone else in your life who may upset your carefully-laid plans) are those who propose planning each day at the beginning of the month.

Regardless, all plans for the day should have at least 2 basic elements and these are:

A.) What you need to get done

B.) What you want to get done

A to-do list containing the above 2 things organized into something functional yet workable should provide a good foundation for effectively planning your day.

Now that you have an idea of what you want to accomplish on paper follow these principles to make your day as productive as possible in both areas.

First, Learn to Prioritize Your Tasks

And make sure to plan the tasks which will require the most mental effort to correspond with the time when you have the most mental effort to give...i.e., when you are the freshest. This will vary with different people depending on if you're a night owl, a morning person, or...I've never met this creature if they exist at all...an afternoon person.

Second, Know Thyself

And try to work with your personality and type as much as possible. I can be either a morning person (and we're talking early...like 4:21am) or I can be a night owl and just be going to bed at that time. I've done both.

Most people, however, are either/or. They're one or the other.

Find out which you are and use it for all it's worth. You will get so much more done.

Third, Learn How to Combine Tasks

For instance, ones that require focus can be done at the same time as those requiring less focus. Common pairings that I personally do include:

· Laundry while writing or cooking

· Learning by listening to mp3s while walking

· Cooking while checking email

· Returning phone calls while cooking

· Cleaning the bathroom while supervising little ones bathing

· Helping with schoolwork while doing maintenance tasks on the computer (i.e., defragging, check disc, back-ups)

Are you one who is always complaining about not having the time to exercise? How about not having the time to read? Well, with some forethought, you could do both at the same time by listening to an iPod while exercising.

I do it and see lots of other people doing it.

Fourth, Learn How to Combine Errands When Possible

My Unschooler goes to an afterschool program. I may have errands to do that could be done in the morning but I prefer to combine them with either before or after I drop her off. That way I'm only leaving the house once instead of (possibly) multiple times.