Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Tips For Developing Concentration And Focus

By Raman Kuppuswamy

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6601628

Some of us feel that we always get extracted. This is a genuine feeling. We may be doing something important but suddenly, we may be distracted by a mail, a Facebook comment, etc. Distraction means "something that keeps you away from what you should be doing". You can never complete the task on hand on time if you get distracted like this. Therefore, it is imperative that you should learn how to concentrate better. Concentration is so powerful that you can completely transform your personality. You will get enormous power if you learn the right techniques to concentrate. The following few tips may be of help:

- This simple fact may surprise you but it is very much true. Physical exercises can help you to organize your mind and improve your concentration. It has been proved that when you are physically active, you become mentally conscious. So, by doing yoga or other exercises, you can improve your ability to be consciously more alert.

- The problem is that every one of us automatically concentrate on a thing we do not want. If you want to succeed in your life, you should change this. You should choose to get out of this by purposely concentrating only on that particular thing you want to achieve. So, you should always watch what you are thinking about and bring your mind back to the task on hand. You can practice and master this. When you focus on the thing you do or want, your productivity improves and success automatically comes to you. It will take time to practice this but as they say, "practice makes a man perfect". You can not expect instant miracles. You should work consistently and with patience.

- When you are working on something important, after some time, you may find that your mind is wandering. You may think that you need a break. So, when you consciously become aware of such a distraction, you should not take a break immediately. You should try to stretch a little more and try to focus on the task on hand. By pushing yourself gradually and stretching your limits without taking a break, you are in fact training your mind to gain more focus. In other words, you are increasing your mental stamina and strength.

- You may have many things to do. But, take one task and finish it fully before moving on to the next one. Of course, you should prioritize your tasks. If you try to do many things at a time, you will have many thoughts in your mind. You can not complete even a single task on time. So, you should practice this also for developing your concentration.

- There is a technique called "blinders technique" that will help you to focus on the task on hand. You may have observed the blinders of horses. Likewise, you should develop blinders for your brain also. Friends may disturb you, there may be phone calls and so on. But, if you practice this "blinders technique", you can certainly improve your focus. This is also easier said than done. Only by practicing consistently, you can achieve your aim.

- The most important point is that you should take breaks as regularly as possible. This is also a vital step for developing your concentration. But, breaks should not be very long because you may become lazy. Short breaks boost up your enthusiasm and you will feel re-energized to focus better.

- You should learn to make things interesting. "Act as if" principle is a good technique for making your tasks interesting. You should act as if you like the work. You will be amazed to see that after some time, you really start liking the work. This will keep your boredom away and you can improve your concentration.

- Working in short bursts will help to focus on your task. Experts have found out that a person of average capability can focus on a task for about 25 minutes. So, you can take a short break once every 20 minutes. But, during these 20 minutes, you should practice to work with your fullest attention and focus.

- You can find out the most comfortable posture that will help you to concentrate. Every person has his or her own comfortable posture that will help them to come out with maximum productivity.