Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Five Tips for Staying Positive in a Negative World

By Anthony Berry

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It can be hard to be positive if you feel insecure. With these five tips, you'll find new ways to focus on staying positive, which can help you feel more certain in these uncertain times.

Tip #1 for Staying Positive: Remain Grateful

Rough times can cause even the most joyous of people to lose sight of what they have, simply because they get caught up in the race to reach what they want. When we get blocked from that goal, instead of staying positive, we stress out and the negativity begins to creep in once more. Instead of getting angry that you did not get what you wanted when you wanted it, turn that energy around, and turn it into gratitude for what you have already gained or achieved.

Tip #2 for Staying Positive: Embrace Challenges

Rather than looking at anything that gets in your way as a negative, one trick to staying positive is to embrace that negative as a challenge. Life is not easy, and you would be a fool to believe that everything worth having should be easy to get. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, put your creativity to work in finding a way around the obstacle, rather than letting it defeat you. Life would be very boring if everything came easy.

Tip #3 for Staying Positive: Keep your Perspective

Everyone is experiencing tough times right now, but it should not be anyone's downfall. The world has gotten through worse messes than the economy before, especially during times of war, and the global community will eventually get through it again. If you keep your perspective on what positive thing or event may be waiting for you on the horizon, you will take a lot of the stress off of your shoulders. Don't worry about things that have not happened yet, when you need to concentrate on staying positive, and finding energizing ways to handle what has already happened.

Tip #4 for Staying Positive: Seek Inspiration

In times like these, the most positive exercise that you can do is to begin a search for inspiration. Walk into any library or bookstore, and you will find hundreds of volumes detailing the lives and missions of those who faced adversity and triumphed. Money is tight, and jobs are disappearing, but that has happened before. Everything works in cycles, running from highs to lows, and those cycles eventually will give birth to new ideas, new industries, and new ways of making do with what we have. Instead of focusing on the negatives, use your creativity and insight to find ways for staying positive and get beyond it. You may find a passion that will help you get everything you need in this life.

Tip #5 for Staying Positive: The best way to help yourself is to help others

Many industries are experiencing shortfalls right now, but did you know that there are sectors today that are not? Volunteerism is at an all-time high right now, and while many may be looking at it as another notch they can add to the old resume, many are doing it because it is a way of keeping themselves in a positive mindset. Nothing makes a body feel better than helping someone out and you can use those good feelings as fuel to keep yourself above the floodwaters as well.