Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Improve Your Stress Skills Because Stress Can Kill

By Chamunda Sawami Ji

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In the corporate world of today, "being stressed out" is as common as eating a meal. In the everlasting run for promotion and the desire to achieve instant success, where is the time to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee these days? With the advent of modern technology and development in sciences, research has shown that our physical body responds to stress. So if a person is under duress, body is going to negatively respond! Our body responds and reacts to stress and negative emotions.

Day to day stresses are normal and much needed to propel us in the right direction. But too much of it or taking negative stress is bad for mind, body and soul. All of us need to make a commitment of taking care of ourselves because stress can kill if we do not develop the necessary skills to fight it! Research shows that prolonged stress can have long term and short term dysfunctions:

•Produce actual tissue changes and dysfunctional organs
•Shrinks a part of the brain called hypothalamus
•Increases heart rate in a negative way which affects circulatory system, respiratory system and the digestive system
•Problems of blood pressure, diabetes, body aches etc are all stress related
•Insomnia issues lead to disturbed body cycles

Stress related issues are one a many! Stress starts affecting each and every part of your body and slowly erodes all functions. The minute you stop smiling and laughing in your life and start taking too much duress, body will responds physically to these emotions. Thus, it becomes imperative that we take care of our mind and soul equally.

We can choose to neglect these symptoms or we can chose to manage stress and slowly eliminate the negative stress from our lives. Instead of waiting for the consequences to be visible, tap into your inner doctor and recognize the symptoms.

•Tweak and modify your lifestyle. Curb alcohol intake. Maintain a nutritious and healthy food habit.
Sleep on time and reduce working or partying till late. •Keep your cool. Counting till 10 helps! Do not react to a situation immediately. Take your time.
•Meditation helps you focus in the right direction. Take the time out each day and sit peacefully in a corner and just focus on your breathing. Oxygen intake goes up and body functions are stimulated.
•Exercise at least few times in a week. It releases the toxins from your body and the gush of blood helps in releasing positive hormones and enzymes.
•Socialize with family and friends. Communicating with people you love releases stress. You feel light and you know that you have let go off your stress.
•Develop a hobby and be passionate about it.

These are just few ways and mean to curb stress. Develop some of your won. In short, do activities that you love. Be with family and friends so that you are amongst your loved ones. Remember to kill stress before it kills you!