Friday, September 30, 2011

What Is The Key To Success? Finding The Right Path

By Maya Uriodain

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What is the key to success? This is a question that we ask ourselves very often. The answer is that the key to success is a process. But how do we find the right process? In this first part of a series of articles, I will discuss the key factors that are important to keep in mind in our striving for success in life.

What is the definition of success?

As I mentioned earlier, the key to success is realizing that success is not a goal but a process. Success in life is not about a list of accomplishments as many of us might think.

Success is very often associated with being wealthy. Although most wealthy people are most of the time successful in the monetary sense, they often have problems in their relationships, or with their health because of too much stress. Or they do not have the time to enjoy their family and children.

To me the definition of success is reflected in the beauty of nature where all is abundant and balanced. To me being successful means being healthy, having inner peace, feeling abundant, happy most of the time. It means more being in those states than having things. Yes, you can be happy, have inner peace, without having a lot of things (like money, clothes, etc...). I'm not saying that money does not facilitate things, I'm saying that it is not absolutely needed to feel happy, or abundant, or even rich.

The essence of these qualities (being happy, being peace- full), the manifestation of these qualities in your reality is more likely when you are consciously working on your spiritual growth and development.

What is spiritual growth/development?

Embarking on a path of spiritual development means that you are developing the inner qualities of self-respect, personal power, courage, love, well-being, inner peace. You can create all these in your life without having much money. It's a matter of directing your thinking and making the choice to think most of the time about these qualities and being in these states.

A key facet of being more successful is the ability to handle problems with grace and ease. When you are more conscious of your thoughts and your choices, you see problems as opportunities for learning. In growing spiritually, you develop the qualities of inner wisdom and peace which allow you to see that problems and obstacles are sometimes keys to your success.