Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 Ways To Feel More Positive Right Now

By Kari Farmer

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6568429

Is negatively filling up your mind and body right now and you want to shift your mood to a more positive state? Maybe you are at your in-laws and they are making you feel bad about your relationship with their child, or maybe you are surrounded by a bunch of co-workers that are trying to bring you down to their misery. Whatever the situation is, the fact is that you don't want to be negative for the rest of the day and you need a way to be more positive.

Here are 4 ways to feel more positive starting right now.

1. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can make us feel better instantly by shifting our focus from our negative affirmations, which are the thoughts that are bringing us down when we are negative. It's all about the way you word it to yourself and frame the situation.

For instance, if you are telling yourself that your mother in-law is never going to like you no matter what you do then that is not going to make you feel very good. But if you tell yourself that you are a great a loving person that she is missing out on then you will feel better.

If you are at work and you are saying to yourself that your co-workers are a bunch of morons who won't leave you alone, then you are not going to feel very positive about that situation. But if you say that you are the genius that everyone turns to throughout the day then you will feel much better about that co-worker approaching you about nonsense again.

2. Use Positive Visualization

If you got a happy place then go there. Sometimes just taking a break and visualizing a moment or destination that makes you feel good is enough to shift your focus from negative to positive. Visualization can also allow you to see the things you have to be happy about and break you quickly out of your negative mood.

Sometimes you can't conjure up the positive images in your head because all you can see is your boss yelling or your family member scowling. If that's the case then you should have some concrete visual things to look at.

If you have a vision board then use it, but if you don't then make sure you have pictures that bring a smile to your face. Pictures of your pets, kids, spouse, or latest vacation will do the trick. Really focus on these pictures and the positive attachment you have to the person or memory in the picture. Once you get in that frame of mind you will find yourself feeling more positive very quickly.

3. Read Something Inspirational

If you have a self-improvement tape or book handy then take a few minutes to listen to or read it. This can easily shift your thoughts into a more positive and productive mode. But you don't always have self-improvement material handy in some situations right? In that case search for something positive.

Find an inspirational quote that lifts your spirit or find a blog to turn to when you need some inspiration. I personally turn to Tiny Buddha when I need to come out of a negative funk. Her website is full of inspirational stories, articles, and thoughts that will have you looking at your situation in a new light quickly.

4. Ask The Right Questions of Yourself

Sometimes you can work yourself into a pit of negatively by asking the wrong questions to yourself. Questions like "Why does this always happen to me" or "Why does she hate me so much?" will not help you come out of your negative mood!

Try asking yourself questions that give you a more positive insight into the situation. Examples would be "How can I turn this into a positive thing for myself?" or "I wonder what has made her so angry that she has to be so mean?" These types of questions will have you looking at the situation in a different way and will instantly change your frame of mind to more positive one.