Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creating a Powerful Vision Board

By Donna Boylen

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Vision boards are a powerful technique to use when you want to make some inspiring and positive changes in your life. A vision board is all about you and what you want to be, do and have.

A vision board ~ also known as a dream board or treasure map ~ is simply a collation of images, words, quotes or phrases that inspire you, or represent what you want to achieve. Our minds work in pictures, so by having a visual representation of what you're working towards, you'll find your motivation and inspiration last longer, and you'll reach your dreams much faster.

The technique of creating your vision board is really quite easy; the effect it can have on your life is powerful.

Before you begin making your vision board, spend some time deciding exactly what it is that you want. This is entirely different for everyone and there's no right or wrong thing to be aiming for. Take a look at the different areas of your life including; physical health, spirituality, career, finances, family, friendship and mental health; to help you determine what your priorities are.

You can choose to create one vision board that encompasses everything that you're working towards, or you may want to make a couple of different boards for different focus points.

To create your vision board, you'll need a few different types of magazines - the more the better really, some poster board, glue, scissors and anything else you might want to use to decorate your board including paint, glitter, stickers, ribbons etc.

To get yourself in the right frame of mind and allow your spirituality and creativity to soar, try lighting a candle, putting on some relaxing music and burning some incense or essential oils before you begin. Now start looking through your magazines for any pictures, words, quotes or phrases that inspire you, make you feel good or that really seem to have a connection with you.

Don't worry if you find yourself pulling out pictures that don't seem to be connected to your goals or purpose, and allow yourself to take as many pictures as you like. Just have fun and cut out any and all pictures, words, quotes or phrases that appeal to you.

When you've got a great pile of cut-outs sitting beside you, start having a look at what you've got. You might like to sort them into piles, for example into career, family, health, inspirational quotes etc.

Notice if there's one pile that is any bigger than the others. This is a great indication that this area is of quite a high importance to you.

Have a look through each pile and select the pictures that you'd like to place on your vision board. Choose the pictures, words, quotes and phrases that stir the most emotion in you because that's what will keep re-igniting your inner-inspiration when you focus on your vision board.

When you've selected what you want on your vision board, you can start placing them on your poster board. Once you're happy with the layout, you can glue them into place. Please wait until you're completely happy with the layout to start gluing them down, as you don't want to ruin any of your pictures by trying to remove them once you've glued them.

Now you can spend some time decorating your board. you may have things you want to hand write on your board. You may want to add some paint, glitter, stickers or ribbon, or you may like to leave it just as it is. This is your vision board, and you create it in just the way that's right for you.

Finally, you need to hang your Vision Board. The best place to hang your vision board is somewhere where you will see it on a regular basis. In your bathroom or walk-in robe, on your fridge etc. It doesn't matter where you put it as long as you can see it all the time. The more often you can see your vision board, the more often your sub-conscious mind is being shown what you really desire, and the more often your sub-conscious hears and sees what you want, the faster you'll bring about results.