Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stress - Overcome Daily Stress Today!

By James Oladipo

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You might not want to admit the effectiveness and power that lies in the words your pronounce upon yourself on daily basis but the truth is that certain things do not change face value, whether you are delusional into thinking they aren't what they obviously are. One of such fact is the obvious truth that there is a God and He will keep being God whether you accept it or not. Accordingly, it's from the abundance of your heart that you profess with your mouth. What is disturbing is that it's much easier to believe some things than it is to believe in others things. Getting more specific, it's much way easier to believe in failure than it is to believe in success. Primarily because failure comes with no drop of sweat, all that is needed is to fold your hands and do nothing. Many people are quick to conclude that inspirational books are over spiced with unattainable realities. Maybe true or maybe not but something is impacted into your life by reading books that inspire your life. They give you reasons to believe that you can make a good out of your life.

I'm not campaigning about books that tell you to close your eyes and count to ten and you'd become a millionaire. I'm talking about motivational and inspirational books that guide you and teach you to be happy and work today's your dream by conquering goals after goals that will ultimately lead you to your goals. It starts with feeling good about you from within and no Angel is going to do that for you. Just as it's inappropriate for you to go into a library and buy a book that reminds you of a failure that you are and guides you into keeping a journal of your daily failures, it's as well inappropriate and detrimental to your life, career and relationship to keep a dairy of the negative events happening to you daily. Why? Because the law of nature has proven time over time again that whatever you dwell on in your mind, has a way of clouding your reality.

Experts will tell you with absolute guarantee that the best way to repair a relationship that has gone soar from neglect from both parties is to dwell on the positive things in your partner. By looking out for those things that are positive, you see that individual emerge in more positive light and every good quality becomes even more visible, there by igniting the once lost passion. This same golden rule applies to one's self. Dwelling on the negative aspect of your daily routine does more havoc than good, just as dwelling on the positive side of your daily routine does more good. To understand this principle, you have to at least belief in the existence of a force behind the creation of the word and not the cock bull story of us emerging by chance. Take a quick look at yourself in the past week, do you often dwell on every negative thing that happens to you. Do you sit on your bed just before sleeping and think of all that happened during the day that pissed you off? I'm not arguing about totally ignoring daily events that weren't what you hoped for or insulted your being. Many folks have a way of laughing at their failure or insults pelted at them. Then it's a risky line to thread. If you aren't very careful, you could easily slide into the negative loophole. So, that best bet is for you to dwell on the positive ones and be thankful for them.

The basic question is when given the chance, what would you do; complain about the day or be thankful. In every twenty-four hours, you are bound to experience these two on daily basis. That is the truth and that is beyond our control as humans. What isn't out of control is how we handle these feelings. You can choose to be subjected to either of these two emotions. You can choose to subject to the emotions of anger, frustration and ingratitude or you could as well choose to be thankful. The choice is yours.