Friday, September 16, 2011

The 3 Steps to Creative Reinvention

By Marnie Swedberg

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The only people who need creative reinvention are those of us who still are not quite perfect. Call it what you will--reinvention, rebranding, or growth, if you want to be the best you can be, here are the three steps to creative reinvention that can help.

1. Find your unique angle. As long as you think you are just like everybody else, your progress will be slow and painful. But as soon as you accept, appreciate and build on the knowledge that you are 100% unique, you'll begin to blossom and develop at an unprecedented rate.

2. Find where the world needs your unique angle. Again, if you insist on thinking small, normal and average, you won't make much progress. It is when you literally get excited about the reality that you are "weird" - that your unique angle is not only OK, but actually good and important to the world, it is then you begin seeing opportunities and connections that were previously invisible to you.

3. Become the authority. Here is where most creativity comes to a screeching halt. As the average person considers the commitment, vulnerability and investment required to take their good ideas to the next level, most give into the status quo. It takes resolve, courage and faith to move an idea from embryo to enlightenment and beyond.

The beauty of these steps is that each is doable at any level of expertise. For example, my son invented a new way to make an omelet. He offers his creation to guests who've stayed in our home overnight. He became the ultimate "Swedberg family" authority on type of omelet and it's been a fun and helpful invention.

On the grandest scale of creative invention, we have physicians and scientists who are investing their entire life's energy and work into finding cures for life-threatening diseases. They face each day with the same resolve: I know that there is something here, either in this body of evidence or in pieces of information I have yet to analyze, that has not yet been completely explored. My goal is to unearth the solution by tackling one idea at a time.

Whether you are applying creative reinvention to your culinary skills, relationships or career development, there are tremendous gains to be made in the simplest of ways.

Professor Guillaume Wolf, in his book, reDESIGN: reCREATE, writes, "Become immensely curious." He proposes that the key to successfully navigating the shifting waters of today's economy is in your capacity to use your creativity, whether new to the marketplace, working for a company, in between jobs, freelancing or following the path of entrepreneurship.

As I work with super busy women from all cultures and career paths, I find one overwhelming consistency between those who excel in their endeavors and those who find life boring, small or unsatisfying.

Women who love their lives get up every day curious to see what the day holds. There is little time for boredom or disappointment, because life is a journey not a destination. There is limitless space for creativity and exploration, because they know for a fact that there are unknown delights awaiting them, just around the corner.

Join the growing group of go-getters who are creatively reinventing themselves by facing uncertain times with a deep conviction of good things ahead and by changing the world, one great idea at a time.