Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

By Tim R Orgias

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The idea that you have to strive to be happy is totally counterproductive and a waste of your time. What a relief! It's time to let go of the pursuit of happiness, to let go of the trying, and notice the resource already within you.

The pursuit of happiness is literally only a mind game we play with ourselves. It is only the mind that believes in the notion that 'someday I will get there, to be happy I just need to achieve this and that and then I will be there.' The problem here is not that we have these thoughts, it is that we are completely identified with the mind and actually believe in the thoughts. We believe our body-mind is who we are and so when these thoughts come up we experience them on every level of our being as truth.

This concept that we are our body-mind and need to 'achieve' happiness is something we have simply been given by the society we live in. It is clear that when we are born, for the first few days or weeks we are not even aware that we have a physical body. We felt that we were still a part of our mother and that nothing existed outside of that. Even outside physical objects were perceived as part of us, we had never known any different. The truly amazing aspect of this birth experience when we really look at is that we were there. What was there? Our sense of existence was there. We were alive.

During the brief time that we had no association with our physical body and maybe even the mind, we still existed, we existed without the mental reference point of our body-mind, we were simply here, present. And the presence that was there when you were born is the same presence that is here with you right now, it is deeper than your body-mind, it is the life force running through you at this moment.

This is where true lasting happiness resides, beyond the mind and body. Once we recognise this place from which the rest of us emanates and operate from that place then anything that happens in our experience, good or bad, is simply noticed as a passing phenomenon and deep contentment arises with what ever is happening. We call this contentment unconditional happiness.