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How to Increase Your Optimism

How to Increase Your Optimism
By Julia Barnard

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It is possible to develop optimism since it is a mind state and our thought patterns can be dramatically altered if we work hard enough at it. Hopefully the following ideas will help.

Watch your thinking. Try not to think in terms of always or never. For example: missing the bus and saying to yourself: "this always happens to me". Or, just before making a presentation at work, saying to yourself: "I never do well at these things". Such thinking is not realistic or rational and should be challenged.

Acknowledge that good things do happen to you and when they do, enjoy them and don't feel guilty.

Optimism does not put an end to experiencing bad things in your life. However, it does allow you to acknowledge these events and give you the necessary energy to move on from them. If you choose to, you can move on in a healthy, positive way.

Try not to take things personally when things go wrong. Don't let it undermine the very essence that is you. Instead, try again next time, learning from what went wrong before and with a new determination to make things turn out right. Setbacks happen to us all -- it is what we say to ourselves next that makes the big difference.

Talk to yourself as you would your best friend. Be proud of your achievements and boost your spirits during the low times.

Optimists keep going. When they succeed, they try harder; when they fail they try again. Try to keep this in mind as you go about your day.

Success breeds success -- so start with small goals if you have to, then keep on building.

Worried about doing something new or that challenges you in some way? Just give it a go -- you will probably surprise yourself.

Act optimistic. Force yourself to keep going, even when you are fighting it. Defy those nagging thoughts that have kept you down for so many years. Stand up to them in a way you never thought possible.

Do the work -- if you want to be a great piano player, you will have to put the work in. This will require practice. It is no good just thinking it -- although this will help, it is not enough.

Starting today, track your achievements. Make sure to give yourself the credit you deserve for them.

Deal with your stress.

Keep a diary of all the good things in your life.

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