Friday, August 19, 2011

The Secret to Be Successful at Anything!

By Wendy Heyworth

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What is success? Are we only successful when we are finally slim, financially independent or whatever was important to us? No. Success is not only achieving the result you want but it starts the moment you take deliberate action on a goal which you have decided on.

So there is one rule and one rule only... This is the most important rule of all. Practice this daily with whatever you want to achieve and you will surely become successful.

And here it is...the Abraham Lincoln's principle for greatness that can easily be adopted by anyone.

This was his rule: Whatsoever he had to do at all, he put his whole mind into it and held it all there until that was all done.

Success really comes by luck. It is achieved by careful planning, organizing and daily action steps.

How to do this...

•Decide what you want to do, be or have. Never tell anyone these are your plans so keep them private.
•Write out as much detail as you can for each step.
•Set a time for its completion if possible.
•Look at these details each day and always do something towards the end goal. Success is built on one small step at a time.
•Focus on the end results every possible moment. When you get sidetracked, re-energize and get refocused as quickly as possible.
•Imagine the result, feel the excitement. Use picture aids if it helps. Hold these images in your mind. Get hungry for the result!
•At the end of each day go over what you have achieved. Now do a plan for the next day.

Plan-Focus-Action, Plan-Focus-Action - make this your Daily Mantra.

Success at whatever you decide to do have or be consists of millions of small decisions, not just the big ones. Often it is the little daily decisions - the hour by hour - that makes the difference between success or failure.

Successful people are no better or smarter than you. They were not born with success DNA or more personal drive or determination. The only difference is that they have developed this skill to plan, focus and take action. So whatever other people have learned you can learn as well.

The only limits on your results are the limits you place on yourself. You and you alone are responsible for your success. Ignore the past and focus on your future. Don't let the past dictate your future. When things get tough focus harder on your exciting future. Hold the vision of your new future clearly in your mind.

The fact is the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life so the better the decisions you make daily the more you will accomplish towards your future.